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With thanks to Declan Barron who transcribed these items...

Magazine of Magazines 1759 (Limerick Edition)

February 1759
High Sheriffs for the year
County of Clare, Edmond Hogan, of Dunbeg, Esq.

May 1759
Mr. Minchin Jackson, surveyor of the Kilrush yatch.

June 1759
At Limerick, Jas. Fitzgerald of Castlekeal, Esq., to a daughter of John Colpoys, Esq.

August 1759
Cornelius O'Brien, Esq.

November 1759
For the carrying on the inland navigation in Ireland, towards making the river Shannon navigable from the city and port of Limerick to the town of Killaloe, - 4,000.
Army Promotions
.... James O'Brien, lieut., Edward O'Brien, coronets Campbell's.

December 1759
Pearce Creagh, of Dangan, in the county of Clare, Esq., to a daughter of Richard Pennefather, representative in parliament for the city of Cashel.

Magazine of Magazines 1760 (Limerick Edition)

January 1760
At Dromoland, co. Clare, Charles McDonnell Esq., to Miss O'Brien, daughter of Sir Edw. O'Brien, Bart.

February 1760
At his house in Cong, co. Mayo, George Macnamara, Esq.
At Dromoland, co. Clare, the lady of Sir Edw. O'Brien, Bart.

April 1760
Col. Gore, of the co. of Clare, to miss Luce of Middleton, in the co. Cork.
At Ennis, Ens. Hewett, of Col. Sebright's reg. to a daughter of John Patterson, Esq.
At Ennis, John Davern, Esq.
At Shannon-brow, Brien O'Brien, Esq.
The lady of Hon. James O'Brien.

May 1760
At Kilmore, in the co.of Clare, Henry Hickman, Esq.
At Ennis, Mrs. Daveren, wife of James Daveren, of Bushy-park, Esq.
At Fortane, in the county of Clare, Miss Hannah Westropp, daughter of Robert Westropp, Esq.

June 1760
At Newgrove, county of Clare, Vere Hunt, of Curragh, county of Limerick, Esq., to Anne, daughter of Edmond Brown, Esq.
Edmond Hogan, of the county of Clare, Esq.

July 1760
At Limerick, David Bindon, Esq., M.P. for the borough of Ennis, and author of the treatise on Commerce.

August 1760
At Limerick, the Rev. Joseph Wolson, of the co. of Clare, to Maria, daughter of the late Henry Ievers, Esq.
Hugh Massy of Kockan, co. of Clare.
At Clare-mount, near Glasnevin, the wife of William Purdon, Esq.
At Mungret, near Limerick, Samuel Bindon, Esq., M.P. for the borough of Ennis, brother of the late David Bindon, the other member for that borough.

September 1760
List of Promotions
Thomas Burton, Esq., elected provost of the town of Ennis (Samuel Bindon, Esq., dec.).

October 1760
The county of Clare society, for the improvement of the linen manufacture, have agreed to distribure 500 wheels, and 100 reels anually, to such persons as have sown two pottles of flax-seed, and to give premiums to such as retail the greatest quantity of flax seed in small parcels, and to establish monthly markets in four districts of the county, for sale of dowlass, three quarters widw and upwards, fit for exportation.

November 1760
At Limerick, Mr. Walter Widenham, mercht., to Anne, the only daughter of the late Samuel Bindon, Esq.
List of Promotions
Revd. Joseph Janus, collated to the treasurership of the cathedral of Killaloe, in the room of the revd. William French.

December 1760
At Galway, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, relict of George Purdon, of Tinnerara, co. of Clare, Esq.

Francis Pierpoint Burton, Esq., provost of Ennis (Thomas Burton, Esq., ref.).

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