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Broadford is a small village in eastern County Clare, Munster, Ireland and a Catholic parish of the same name. The R466 road passes through the village of Broadford between O'Callaghan's Mills and O'Briens Bridge.

cassmob has a great interest in Broadford as you can see here..

One Place Study -Broadford, Co Clare, Ireland

She has kindly contributed her extensive transcriptions for Broadford Baptisms to allow me to publish them here.

You can click on them to enlarge them. 


  1. Thanks Chris. I swear these registers were kept in a rain-soaked barn with the chooks. I just hope they help. Some seactions are illegible, others become easier as you become familiar with names and places.

  2. What a wonderful image that creates.. Must be the same barn that has my lot's records stored! I'm in awe of the amount of work these would have taken.
    I hope whomever does find a connection lets us know.


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