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The following are a selection of items from the Australian Dictionary of Biography. The links below the names will take you to the actual articles, in Trove as well as the ADB.

MacNAMARA, FRANCIS (c.1810-1861+), convict, known as 'Frank The Poet', was possibly from County Clare, Ireland, although he was reported at his trial at Kilkenny in January 1832 to be 'a real Corkonian' in his speech.

MAYNE, PATRICK (c.1824-1865), butcher, businessman and alderman, and MARY (1826?-1889), businesswoman, were husband and wife. Born at Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland, son of Isaac Mayne and his wife Rose, née Mullen, Patrick came to New South Wales in the Percy in 1841.

KENNEDY, Sir ARTHUR EDWARD (1810-1883), soldier and governor, was born on 9 April 1810 at Cultra, County Down, Ireland, the fourth son of Hugh Kennedy and his wife Grace Dorothea, née Hughes. After study at Trinity College, Dublin, he was gazetted an ensign in the 11th Regiment on 15 August 1827. 

CROWE, WILLIAM (1837?-1931), farmer, was born at The Glen, County Clare, Ireland, son of Thomas Crowe, farmer, and his wife Margaret, née O'Donnell. He was educated at the near-by town of Upper Kilbane, where he grew up with his maternal grandparents; he was still young when first his mother and later his father died.

KENNY, MICHAEL (1808?-1892), farmer, was born probably on 24 December 1808 at Six-Mile Bridge, County Clare, Ireland. He later claimed that in 1829, imbued with patriotism, he was involved in nominating the Liberal Daniel O'Connell for his election to the British House of Commons. 

McMAHON, JAMES (1838-1914), carrier, was born on 31 May 1838 in County Clare, Ireland, eldest son of John McMahon, labourer and carter, and his wife Catherine, née Cunningham.

HAUGH, DENIS ROBERT (1872-1933), Catholic philanthropist and tea merchant, was born on 20 July 1872 in County Clare, Ireland, son of James Haugh, grazier, and his wife Mary, née Collins. 

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