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Society of Australian Genealogists
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September 2013

Destination: Australia
The Destination: Australia website aims to draw on the stories of the people and their family members featured in the photographs showcased on their site to create a history of Australia's post-war immigration. The 21,000 photographs on the site come from a promotional series of more than 25,000 photographs taken by the Department of Immigration and are hosted within the National Archives of Australia RecordSearch database. The website aims to identify as many as possible of the individuals depicted in the photographs and the site will be continuing until at least 2015. The information shared will become part of the Archives' RecordSearch system as a permanent part of Australian history.

You can search the site and then register and contribute by tagging people you know, where they came from and came to, add descriptions and comments, and comment on others' contributions.

Ireland - Back to Our Past lecture programme

For any readers who may be travelling in Ireland during October, Back to Our Past takes place on 18-20 October at RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin. This is one of the main Irish heritage events during the year of The Gathering. The lectures are sponsored by (run by the Irish Family History Foundation), and have been organised by the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (APGI). The talks will cover a wide range of topics that will appeal to military history and local history enthusiasts as well as family history researchers. The full timetable of the presentations and other information about the event can be viewed on

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Every family has its stories. Some more than others. For a family to air its dirty laundry in public might come across as the ultimate in self-indulgence. That Stories We a Tell manages to avoid this is no mean feat.
In it, Canadian actor and filmmaker Sarah Polley turns her camera on members of her own family, and asks them to recount their family history in their own words. She speaks with each one at length, separate from each other in order to avoid cross pollination, and attempts to layer these occasionally inconsistent accounts into a cogent whole that might illuminate one of the large unresolved dramas of their life together. 
She approaches the subject with great humility. Polley herself is in fact at the centre of the story, yet for the most part she hovers at the periphery, while her brothers, sisters, father, and friends and associates of the family sit squarely, boldly, in the camera's gaze. The candidness of the interviewees is utterly compelling, a symptom no doubt of the intimacy they share with the filmmaker, Polley. But Stories We Tell does not feel voyeuristic or exploitative. Polley invites us to join them at the table, not to peep through windows and listen at cracks.

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This year is a highly significant one for the Veech family - it is the 175th anniversary of the arrival in Australia of their convict ancestor Bryan Veech and his six- year-old son Patrick, natives of County Meath Ireland.   ( connections to Australia, New Zealand and Ireland)

LIFEHACKER   What kids should know about their family history

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Coole Park, once the home of Lady Augusta Gregory, 
is celebrating The Gathering at the annual 
Autumn Gathering for Women Writers this Oct 3-7th.

The official genealogist of Ireland Reaching Out will be on hand to give helpful tips and advice for those tracing their roots.

 Coole Park has a long history of association with literature...

"At sudden thunder of the mounting swan
I turned about and looked
where branches break
The glittering reaches of the flooded lake."

W.B.Yeats 'Coole Park & Ballylee', 1931

Just some of the wonders of Coole Park...

                                                      Autograph Tree At Coole ParkAutograph Tree At Coole Park

Head and shoulders profile of a dignified older woman with hair swept back and a slightly prominent nose. Underneath is the signature "Augusta Gregory".
Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory (15 March 1852 – 22 May 1932), born Isabella Augusta Persse, was an Irish dramatist, folklorist and theatre manager. With William Butler Yeats and Edward Martyn, she co-founded the Irish Literary Theatre and the Abbey Theatre, and wrote numerous short works for both companies. Lady Gregory produced a number of books of retellings of stories taken from Irish mythology. Born into a class that identified closely with British rule, her conversion to cultural nationalism, as evidenced by her writings, was emblematic of many of the political struggles to occur in Ireland during her lifetime.
Lady Gregory is mainly remembered for her work behind the Irish Literary Revival. Her home at Coole Park, County Galway, served as an important meeting place for leading Revival figures, and her early work as a member of the board of the Abbey was at least as important for the theatre's development as her creative writings. Lady Gregory's motto was taken from Aristotle: "To think like a wise man, but to express oneself like the common people."[1],_Lady_Gregory

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Garraunakilla (Graveyard) Upper Market Street, Ennis:
A  memorial plaque will be unveiled at Garraunakilla by Mr. Frankie Neylon, Deputy Mayor of Ennis after a short Liturgy of Prayer, to commemorate the burials and past residents associated with the area at 7.00 p.m. on Friday the 4th. October. In conjunction with the unveiling, a booklet on Garraunakilla prepared by Clare Roots Society will be available for sale at €5.00 All are welcome to this event.

The booklet is a limited edition of 120 for sale.
Those who wish to pre book by post should allow for €7.00 incl. postage & packing.

PRESS RELEASE: By Clare Roots Society.
Date: 22nd September 2013

Garraunakilla (Graveyard) Upper Market Street, Ennis:

A  memorial plaque will be unveiled at Garraunakilla by Mr. Frankie Neylon, Deputy Mayor of Ennis, at 7.00 p.m. on Friday the 4th October, after a short Liturgy of Prayer to commemorate the burials and past residents associated with the area. In conjunction with the unveiling, a booklet on Garraunakilla prepared by Clare Roots Society will be available for sale at €5.00 All are welcome to this event.

The erection of this memorial, along with the organising of same, was the idea of Tony & Robert Mc Carthy, both natives of the Town. After speaking to Fred Coffey prior to his death and Tony & Walter Coffey subsequently, all agreed the importance of this planned event. Unfortunately Fred passed away on the 25th July 2013. At the Famine Memorial event held at Drumcliff in May of this year, Tony & Robert linked up with Clare Roots Society and jointly planned the event, along with publication of a 
booklet to record it. Larry Brennan of Clare Roots Society researched and wrote the booklet.

The approach employed with the booklet was a flexible one, which allowed optimum exploitation of the relatively small body of available source material.

Garraunakilla translates as Garrán na Cille (church grove). Cill has the meaning of Church but also implies a burial ground. Garrán means a grove or a cluster of trees and could have referred to the visual aspect of the lane prior to the building of the houses which took place circa 1800-1810.The laying down of the laneway dates back to circa 1750; it was one of a series of lanes (Garraunakilla Lane, Corkalley Lane & Fahy's Lane ) laid out at the time to connect Upper O' Connell Street with the lower end of Mill Street.  

Unfortunately the Graveyard’s opening date cannot be identified but closure seems to date back to the Cholera epidemic of 1832. Then the danger of spreading this virulent contagion in the crowded urban centre made it impossible to bury victims in the town cemeteries of Garraunakilla & Corrovorrin. Thus Drumcliff became the principal graveyard for Ennis

The booklet includes genealogical information including records from the Griffiths Valuation of 1855, along with details from the 1901 & 1911 Census returns for the area. We also get biographical details for past residents including details on members of the Cronin, Downey Guilfoyle, Danagher, Daly, O' Grady, Queally, Killeen, Kelly, Keane, Moloney, Mangan, Garrahy, Hyde & Michael 'Bowsie' Casey who traded from a shop on the Laneway. We also read of current descendants like the singer Maura O' Connell & Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle who currently co-hosts The Five on Fox News Channel in the U.S.A. 

The demolition of one side of Garraunakilla Laneway, along with the area known as Cloughaunagower, took place in 1970. The area is now made up of a public Car Park & Public Toilet and also houses the Friday & Saturday Market in Upper Market Street.

Old Photographs available if required.
Larry Brennan.
Larry Brennan <>

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Subject: New files in Ireland Genealogy Projects - Archives

Here are the "larger" files added to the Archives in the last two weeks.

General IRELAND Genealogy Archives - Emigration
"Serpent" 5th May 1804 - to Baltimore   
"Sally" 9th May 1804 - Sworn at Newry   
"Ship Jefferson" 10th May 1804 -To Newcastle & Philadelphia

DONEGAL Genealogy Archives - Miscellaneous
Evictions in Donegal April 1861
DONEGAL Genealogy Archives
Inver Parish Church (CoI) Graveyard    
Kilcar; St Matthew's Church of Ireland Graveyard

DONEGAL Genealogy Archives - Cemetery
Churchyard of Mullaghnashee

LAOIS/QUEEN'S Genealogy Archives -  Cemetery
Queens County, Maryborough The Ridge Cemetery

LEITRIM Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Old Cemetery - South of Manorhamilton

LIMERICK Genealogy Archives - Cemetery
St. Johns Cathedral, Limerick City - BARRY

LONGFORD Genealogy Archives - Church Burial Records
Newtowncashel Deaths & Burials 1830-1869 (sorted by date or name)
LONGFORD Genealogy Archives - Headstone Photos
St. Columbcille RC Church, 3 Parts
Ballinakill & Clondra Cemetery - partial

ROSCOMMON Genealogy Archives - Land
Canceled Books - Electoral Dist. Kilteevan ca 1911-1920's - Cloontmullen

Also - a number of headstones for County Leitrim have been re-worked and transcribed.


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english-clipart Books and glasses
How did you start your family history research? 

Was it in dusty libraries, the type where an exclamation of delight, or a cough, was greeted by a very strong look or admonishment from a serious librarian... or did you start in the days of the internet, perhaps in earlier times when there were little resources available?

I would love you to comment and share your experiences... share how you research today, what your most exciting find has been...

Have you ever commissioned a report by a professional, or perhaps, a not so professional organisation or individual? 

No names please, just experiences...

John Grenham says it well, as always...

Irish Roots: The bad old days of commissioned research

I started doing commissioned genealogical research back in 1982, God help me, working first for the old Genealogical Office and later for Hibernian Research. Both were loose arrangements, to put it mildly; research was unsigned and secretarial staff provided a buffer between researchers and clients. And a buffer was essential.
In the majority of cases, clients would know only the county of origin of their ancestors, if they knew that much, and we employed much ingenuity in trying to narrow the focus of research: cross-referencing surnames in property taxes, hunting down unusual forenames, picking out younger family members in General Register Office records (in the basement of the Custom House at that time, and where you could feel free to light up).
But, inevitably, much of the research was unsuccessful. Hence the need for a buffer. And hence, too, written reports that had to be scrupulous to the point of pain, listing, describing and justifying every source consulted.

For the full article, please go to the link below...

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Sept 19th Brian O’Dalaigh; The Ennis Printing Presses.1778-1935.

Oct. 17th Terri Shoosmith; History & Folklore of Tulla.

Nov.21st Jim O’Callaghan; Irish Roots of Jackie Kennedy.


Always well worth checking...

New files added in the last two weeks:

KERRY Genealogy Archives - Church Records
Tralee Parish Register (from Memorials of the Dead in Ireland)

KILKENNY Genealogy Archives
Donaghmore Churchyard Memorials - PURCELL

LONGFORD Genealogy Archives
St. Columbcille RC Church, Aughnacliffe, Parts 1-3

ROSCOMMON Genealogy Archives - Land
Cloontmullan Canceled Books - 1920's

TYRONE Genealogy Archives
Donaghmore Memorial

WICKLOW Headstone Index
Curtlestown; St. Patricks Church Cemetery, Parts 1 & 2

WESTMEATH Genealogy Archives
Kilcolumb Graveyard, Raharney, Westmeath