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MacDONAGH, Clare Champion 3 Aug 1933

Clare Champion 3 Aug 1933

Moher Revisited

A fine monument to the late Cornelius O'Brien stands at the foot of the Cliffs, by the well of St. Brigid, and in the graveyard adjoining is a mausoleum containing the coffins of the O'Brien family. Nearby is Birchfield (now in ruins), the former seat of the O'Briens.
Birchfield was originally the home of the MacDonagh family, the last owner being Nicholas MacDonagh, brother of Captain Anthony MacDonagh, who distinguished himself at the battle of Fontenoy - under Lord Clare - by defeating in single-handed combat, in presence of the opposing armies, a British officer who had challenged the best officer his opponents could produce.
Nicholas MacDonagh, was married to Joan, sister of Brigadier O'Connell and widow of Edmund Hogan, of Cragmoher; their being no issue of the marriage he left the estate to his step-daughter - Catherine Hogan, who became, by her marriage to a Mr. O'Brien, the mother of Henry O'Brien, of Birchfield - father of Cornelius O'Brien, M.P. for Clare, 1833-1852, who had seven children, but all died without issue. The above Nicholas MacDonagh is buried in the ancient church of Kilmacreehy, near Liscannor, and the following quaint inscription (now difficult to decipher) appears on his tomb:-
"Here rested Nick whose name no age can blot; the ch'ef MacDonogh of old Habers lot, who while on earth revived ye ancient fame of his own line, and yet of all ye name; his first religion was his actions guide, and so he lived beloved, lamented died; erected in the year of Our Lord God, 1745.
Incidently it is interesting to note that after many changes in ownership, since 1745, Birchfield has again reverted to the MacDonagh family - the present owner being Mr. Anthony MacDonagh, of Ballyvislane, in the neighbourhood.

Courtesy of Declan Barron


Clare Journal July 2 1821

Creditors of Terence O'Bryen

Mrs. Mary Powell, widow, Ennis, John O'Donnell, Esq., ditto, Philip Dwyer, Phinagh, Daniel O'Grady, Esq., Coogy, William Emerson, Gent. Ennis, David Power, Esq., Ennis, Conor O'Brien, Glen, Francis Owen, Corofin, Rev. Thomas Healy, Knockfin, Tim. Kelly, Bouleven, Thomas Hynes, Ennis, Ths. O'Donoghue, Enistymond, James McGrath, Glan, John O'Halloran, Ballyabbane, the heir at law or representative of Thomas Steele, late of Cullane Castle, Esq., Burton Bindon, Esq. Cloney, and Murtogh, William, Terlogh, Connor, Edward and James O'Bryen, of Glancollomkill, Minors, all in the county of Clare ; Laughlan Maelachlan?, John Kirwin, John Moore, of the town of Galway, Esqrs., John D'Arcy, Newforest, John D'Arcy, Clifden Castle, Esqs., John Conlahan, of Ballinasloe, all in the County of Galway. Donatus O'Brien, Esq. residence at present unknown to Insolvent and to all others to be, are or claim to be Creditors of daid Insolvent.

On Thursday last, Mr. Bourrien, Officer of Excise, and Mr. James Foster, Preventive Surveyor, with a detachment of the 40th Regiment, stationed in Ennistymon, succeeded in detecting on the lands of Killinaboy, in the west of this County, a large still, &c, at full work. On the same day, the same officers destroyed four disilleries, together with 600 gallons of potale, and 150 gallons of singlings. We have great pleasure in adding that through the exertions of the above active officers, illicit distillation has been almost entirely suppressed in the west of this county, though the military assistance is rather confined.

Courtesy of Declan Barron

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In this year's Clare Association Yearbook 2014,  is a very detailed article on Kilrush Poor Law Union and the Parishes of West Clare by Paddy Waldron PRO, KDHS and chairperson, Clare Roots Society.
This year's publication is on sale at €6.00 in local shops.

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Ennis Chronicle 28 Sept 1816

In the matter of Michael Brown, an insolvent Debtor.
To James Nestor, Knocknabricka, Michael Cleary, of Garrynakilla, Stephen Markam, of Knocknabrico, John McMahon, of Ballintlea, Michael Eagan, of Gurtalinka, Margaret Eagan, of Castlecrine, Js. Meade, Ballycare, Ed. Armstrong, Esq., Ennis, Daniel McMahon, of Kilkishen, Pat. McNamaras, of Drumgila, Patrick McMahon, of Brickhill, all in the Co. of Clare. ........................
Charles Mahon, Esq.
Assistant Barrister for said County.

To The Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholders of the County of Clare
Induced to offer myself to your consideration for one of the vacant Coronorships, now in your County. ...................
Joseph Roughan
Green Hill
Sept 19 1816.

 Courtesy of Declan Barron...


Ennis Chronicle 1831


On Monday morning, rather suddenly, to the inexpressible grief of her family and friends, and to the deep affliction of her husband, 
Mrs. Cullinan, wife of Mr. Ralph Cullinan, and daughter of Michael O'Brien, Esq., of this town.

On Wednesday night, after an illness of some weeks, at his residence, Sixmilebridge, in this county, aged eighty years. William Russell, formerly of Bank Place, Limerick.

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With thanks to Larry Brennan who sent on these clippings from Clare People...


This is one book that you won't want to miss, available now, from the Bookshop, 

A wonderful history of Abbey Street and it's people, author Brian Spring... Look for the link to my previous post re this publication and you can listen to an interview with Brian Spring and Eric Shaw.

 Photos from the book launch..

From Clare Champion...

From The Clare People

From The  Clare People...

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 Jackie Elger, with Delores Meany have produced a wonderful
new book /*The Islands of the Fergus Estuary*/.

This book looks at the Fergus Islands of Co Clare, Ireland, lying on the
estuary stretching from Clarecastle to Shannon and Kildysart. 

It examines the larger islands - their history, archaeology and folklore as
well as the people who lived there. Their history is a microcosm of Co
Clare's history - from the monastic foundations of the early saints to a
medieval Augustinian Abbey, from the castles of the Irish chieftains
through Cromwellian times to the era of English landlords. It also
presents a current photographic record of the islands plus a selection
of older photographs (and memories) of past inhabitants.

The book is being launched at *Kildysart Hall on Friday 13 December at


Courtesy of Declan Barron...

"Found this 'skeleton' in my house's history.."

Clare Journal Monday 29 July 1816

We regret to learn that the office window of Pat Mahon, Esq., of Newpark, was broke open last night, and what silver and bank notes that was in the two drawers of his desk taken away, together with a case of pistols. - We think it right to mention that the initial letters of Mr. Mahon's name are reversed on each note, being written M.P.

Clare Journal Thursday 1 Aug 1816

The money taken on Sunday night out of Mr. Mahon's Desk, and which we mentioned on Monday, has been recovered except some few shillings, and the robber apprehended.

Clare Journal Monday 5 Aug 1816

And. McMahon, to be hanged on the same day (14th of September), for robbery at the house of Patrick Mahon, of Newpark, Esq.

Anyone missing an Andrew McMahon from their tree ?


With thanks to Declan Barron....


Jan 25
On Sunday last, Michael Stritch, esq., of Tuomullen, to Miss Cahill, daughter of Mr. John Cahill, of Ballymurphy.

At Port Royal, (Jamaica) Lieutenant Stacpoole, R.M.

Feb 1
Tuesday, by the Rev. Henry Gubbins, at George's Church, Geirge  (sic) William Stamer, Esq., of Carnelly, Lieut. Colonel of the Clare Regt., to Mary, daughter of Ralph Westropp, Esq., of the city of Limerick, Alderman, and niece to the Rt. Hon. Colonel Vereker, M.P.; immediately after the ceremony, the happy Pair proceeded to their seat at Carnelly.
At Cullane Castle, in this co. the seat of her brother-in-law, Thomas Steele, Esq., much regretted Mrs. Steele, relict of the late Wm. Steele, Esq. of Derrymore.

Feb 15
To Be Let
......House, Shop, and Concerns, at the corner of Hunt's Lane, they are nearly opposite the courthouse, ........
Proposals to Mr. Richard Floyd, Jun., or to Mr. Thomas Gorman, next door to the Premises, in High Street.
At Clifden, the Ladt of William Burton, Esq., of a Son.

At Gaurus, Mrs. Gannon, wife of Mr. Paul Gannon.
In Jail Street, Mr. Chas. Cooke.
In Limerick, Mrs. McMahon, wife of Matthew McMahon, Esq., and sister to Dr. Tierney, Physician in Ordinary to his Royal Highness, the Prince Regent.

Mar 21
Sunday last, Mr. Wm. Dwyer, and Mr. M. Shannon, were proceeding from Ennistymon towards Milltown, they were attacked by a number of men who assailed them with stones, one of which struck Mr. Dwyer in the forehead, and instantly deprived him of life. ....... John Sheehan and Michael Gallery, have been committed by Pat. Lysaght, Esq., charged with being concerned ........

On Sunday, at Belfast, the lady of Captain Dulhunty, 45th regt. of a son and heir.

Yesterday, by the Rev. Robt. Walden, Lieutenant Gardiner, of the Kilkenny militia, to Miss Eliza Pinchin, daughter of the late Mr. John Pinchin, of this town.

Last Monday, in Limerick, after a tedious illness, Mrs. Power, wife of Pat. Power, esq. Her remains were conveyed to town on Tuesday, and deposited in the family vault.

Apr 8
This morning, in Jail Street, the Lady of Montrose Dulhunty, Esq., of a daughter.

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INVITATION TO BOOK LAUNCH "A Broad History of a Narrow Street" by Brian Spring.


Clare Roots Society

Book Launch

                The Mayor of Ennis, Mary Coote Ryan, will launch a new Book

"A Broad History of a Narrow Street" by Brian Spring.

The history of Abbey street and it's people going back to the 13th Century. 

The book will be launched at the Queens Hotel at 8pm next Thur. 12th Dec. 
All are welcome.

You can read full details at

It will be €15 local and €20 international including p & p.

You may order through Clare Roots Secretary, Clara Hoyne

Thank you for your interest.

UPDATE... You can listen to an interview with author, Brian Spring,  and Eric Shaw from Clare Roots Society about this book by following this link...

ClareFM interview on 11-Dec-2013

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This is a DVD set that you have been waiting for..

 all those photos you meant to keep, all those details you missed
are all here for you.

 Many of you who read Paddy Waldron's great posts re the day to day activities of the Famine Commemorations in May, 2013
 asked if there would be some other kind of record of the event.
Here it is, all in one place, perfect to revive memories or 
to 'take you there' if you weren't able to be there. 

If you would like to reread Paddy's posts, please look in the Left Hand side column
for May, 2013.

(click image to enlarge)

This set is available in Ireland as above... for Australia, the price is $36 which includes postage. For other countries, please contact Kay via the email below.

To order from Australia, please contact Kay at 

clancysballynote at eircom dot net

(please use the correct symbols for address)

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Great to have you with us Maloney

We hope you enjoy both your prize 
and the great community which is the
Co Clare Genealogy Group.

To join, please go to



Clare Roots Society

Book Launch

                                     The Mayor of Ennis, Mary Coote Ryan, will launch a new Book

"A Broad History of a Narrow Street" by Brian Spring.

The history of Abbey street and it's people going back to the 13th Century. 

The book will be launched at the Queens Hotel at 8pm next Thur. 12th Dec. 
All are welcome.


A Broad History Of A Narrow Street:
There is something special about walking through Abbey Street Ennis where the gentle curve of the path leads you towards the Height. Fellow pedestrians nod in greeting while slow moving traffic passes you by. Along the way your eye is drawn to attractive shop windows, historic laneways, and brightly coloured buildings. The silhouette of O' Connell statue of Abbeyfield House all reveals stories from the past. This narrow street has a broad history which is unravelled within the pages of Brian Spring's new book on Abbey Street.
Next Thursday 12th December at 8.00 p.m. in the Queens Hotel, Mayor of Ennis, Mary Coote-Ryan will launch the book. This the latest book on The Clare Roots Society publication list, brings together the history of the buildings and the people going back to the 13th Century. It contains some of the usual historical features you would expect-a chronology of the street's growth and accounts of some of its most famous events, a collection of 19th century photographs and invoices and a shop by shop account of the buildings and the people associated with these. Brian has reconstructed the life story of every single builing on Church Street / Abbey Street from newspapers, commercial directories, and valuation revisions, and then tops the entry for each building with a vintage photograph where available or modern photograph as an alternative.

For anyone who knows the present street, an entirely new dimension is made visible.

There have been many great times and many troubled times in the vicinity of Abbey Street over the centuries. In 1306 the town of Ennis was destroyed by the forces of Dermot O'Brien and almost three centuries later it suffered the same fate at the hands of Hugh O'Donnell. The Abbey or Franciscan friary that gives the street its name was spared at this time," in honour of The Lord". Cromwell's forces were not so generous, as they tore the roof of the building and destroyed much of the interior in October 1651. Many of the early settlers of the town had connections to Limerick City and this connection remained strong over the centuries. The Fergus-Shannon river system was the lifeline between the two trading centres. Improved road networks and the introduction of the railway ensured that this connection would endure.

Among the seventeenth century residents and property owners of Abbey Street were Maurice Cuffe, John Cruise, James McNamara and John Cooper (husband of Máire Rua). One of the earliest recorded houses on the street is mentioned on Henry Ellsworth's map of 1638. It is possibly the house of the Fanning family of Limerick. Simon Fanning of Limerick sold wine and aquavit in Ennis under a license from the Earl of Thomond.

Eighteenth century Abbey Street had plenty of hustle and bustle about it. The streets were filled with pedlars, hawkers and animals on market days. Sanitation was a problem and street was almost certainly filled with odours from the tan-yards and piled with dung and waste material on a regular basis. During the Penal Laws members of the Franciscan community took shelter at the home of Miss Clancy on the street. One Abbey Street resident was Pierce Butler who was responsible for keeping the town clock in good repair. His shop was broken into in 1799 and a number of silver watches were stolen. The Bindon Family had many associations with Abbey Street and David Bindon leased part of Cruise's in 1707. The Shambles or meat market was erected by Henry Bindon at the back of his tenement, Nicholas Bindon ran a Brewery along with Richard Brew and Francis Bindon is reputed to have designed the Courthouse at the "height" of the street. The Finnucane family had property in the town of Ennis and Dr. Andrew Finucane had a premises at the junction of Abbey Street and the Causeway. The Georgian era brought a period of relative prosperity and this was reflected in the shops and businesses of the merchants. Education became more important and a number of school were in operation including a classical school run by Nicholas Dermody, father of the famous poet Thomas Dermody. During the period of unrest by the United Irishmen, the Longford Militia were stationed in Ennis and the officer's mess was located in Abbey Street.

The highlight of the Georgian era has to be the Clare Election and the victory of Daniel O'Connell. The election took place in 1828 in O'Connell Square and O'Connell, along with many other political figures, is reputed to have stayed in Carmody's Hotel in Abbey Street, on many occasions.  The end of the Georgian era and start of the Victorian era is characterised by poverty, sickness and famine. Many of the merchant families on the street were affected by cholera and among those who died in the 1830s were John Kelly, grocer and wine and spirit dealer, Miss Molony, daughter of Andrew Molony, grocer and wine and spirit dealer, Charles Trousdell, china and glass dealer and James McNamara. The famine too had a devastating effect on the street. Trade was very poor and few animals were sold at the local fairs. The old brewery in Abbey Street carpark was possibly used as an overflow for the workhouse. Trade improved again in the 1850s and many businesses advertised regularly in the local press. Among these was that of John McGrath. His shop front at 15 Church Street, now 17 Abbey Street, was sketched in the 1850s and also shows the entrance to the Friary Bow. Abbey Street was a hive of activity in March 1867 during the Fenian Rising. The notorious Fenian Colonel Godfrey was at Tom Halloran's in the street. The Land War was a tense time in the history of the street and trade was difficult.

Trade improved at the turn of the century and the shops and businesses are recorded in the 1901 census and 1911 census. The numbering on the street varies a lot and businesses advertisements show the street name Church Street and Abbey Street being used interchangeably. Sixty feet of the street surface was torn up in a gas explosion in 1911. During The Great War the recruiting office for the British Army was located on the site of Enzo's Fast Food. The Army was stationed in Abbeyville House. The War of Independence brought the destruction of T.V. Honan's premises. The British Army placed six bombs in the building and blew it up. The front and side were destroyed but the cellar remained intact as it had not been packed with explosives. Eight people lost their lives in the Carmody's Hotel Disaster in January 1958. The floor of the room the auction was in collapsed and resulted in the loss of the eight lives.

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So much on offer once again... be sure to check the IGP site regularly as there is always something new.
Thanks to all who contribute.

Files added in the last two weeks.
ANTRIM Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
Irish Constabulary 1849

DERRY Londonderry Genealogy Archives Military & Constabulary
Irish Constabulary 1858 partial (Service nos. 22751-24000)

DONEGAL Genealogy Archives
Donegal Abbey (views & some headstones)

DUBLIN Genealogy Archives - Headstones - Mount Jerome, Dublin
Mt Jerome, 66 & 67 (over 10,000 headstones)

DUBLIN Genealogy Archives - Deansgrange Cemetery
West Section - Part 4

GALWAY Genealogy Archives - Headstones.
Clontuskert Church (MOYLAN)

GALWAY Genealogy Archives - Headstones.
Clontuskert Church (MOYLAN)

KERRY Genealogy Archives - Headstones.
Stradbally Burial Ground

KILKENNY Genealogy Archives - Military
Nov 2013 Richard Leonard Single Entry Irish Constabulary with

LIMERICK Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
Irish Constabulary 1858 partial (Service nos. 22751-24000)

LAOIS (QUEENS) Genealogy Archives - Headstones.
Timahoe Cemetery (McKENNA)

LEITRIM Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
Irish Constabulary 1858 partial (Service nos. 22751-24000)

LONGFORD Genealogy Archives - Photos
St. Brigid's Roman Catholic Church, Edgeworthstown Road, Ardagh

LONGFORD Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
Irish Constabulary 1858 partial (Service nos. 22751-24000)

LOUTH Genealogy Archives
Irish Constabulary 1858 partial (Service nos. 22751-24000)

MAYO Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
Irish Constabulary 1858 partial (Service nos. 22751-24000)

MEATH Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
Irish Constabulary 1858 partial (Service nos. 22751-24000)

MEATH Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Hill of Slane (GOW)

MONAGHAN Genealogy Archives - Military
Irish Constabulary 1858 partial (Service nos. 22751-24000)

OFFALY (KINGS) Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
Irish Constabulary 1858 partial (Service nos. 22751-24000)

Thank you for all you have done for Irish family history.  I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays.