Friday, 13 December 2013


Courtesy of Declan Barron...

"Found this 'skeleton' in my house's history.."

Clare Journal Monday 29 July 1816

We regret to learn that the office window of Pat Mahon, Esq., of Newpark, was broke open last night, and what silver and bank notes that was in the two drawers of his desk taken away, together with a case of pistols. - We think it right to mention that the initial letters of Mr. Mahon's name are reversed on each note, being written M.P.

Clare Journal Thursday 1 Aug 1816

The money taken on Sunday night out of Mr. Mahon's Desk, and which we mentioned on Monday, has been recovered except some few shillings, and the robber apprehended.

Clare Journal Monday 5 Aug 1816

And. McMahon, to be hanged on the same day (14th of September), for robbery at the house of Patrick Mahon, of Newpark, Esq.

Anyone missing an Andrew McMahon from their tree ?

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