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Some time back, I published, in the section

The Crowe gentry of County Clare: origins and history

Philip Crowe 


Notes on the origins and history of the Crowes of west Clare

Phil Crowe now has available revised versions of his articles about the Crowe gentry of Co.Clare published in The Other Clare last year and this. 

Some informational footnotes have been added relating the contents to Irish history, culture and geography. A number of images have been included: the memorial stone in the Ennis Friary for Robert Crowe and family dated 1772; Abbeyfield House, the residence of Thomas Crowe (1777-1855) and now the Ennis Garda station; the entry in a marriage register for George Crow and Mary O'Brien dated 27 January 1787 which is a critical link in the story of the Crowe family who settled in southern New South Wales; and a Descendants' Chart showing the relationships among the individuals who appear in that story.  

If you think you might have a connection, Phil would be very happy to hear from you.

Phil is happy to send copies and can be contacted via me, Chris. You can contact me via the email address in ABOUT ME.. and then view my complete profile...

Here is a taste of what is available... all  can be clicked to enlarge.

Abbeyville House - Aug 2012 - #3

A forgotten branch of the Crowe gentry of Co Clare
P. 1 & 2

Crow - O'Brien marriage 1787

The clan Mac Conchradha and the descendants of Robert Crowe, the Ennis merchant
P. 1 & 2

Thanks to Phil for his kind offer of sharing.
All photos and articles are ©Phil Crowe


  1. Hello, My name is Peggy Mayette and I came across your web page while doing a family search on my Great-Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Crow who came over on the Emma Fields ship, she was passenger #264 at the age of 13 yrs old. I do not know if she has any relations with the people in this article. however i was hoping you might be able to help me further my research. my email is thank you ahead of time.

  2. Apologies for the late response, Peggy, I have only just seen this in my folder. I will pass it on to Phil Crowe, who may be able to help you. Thank you for visiting and for your comment.


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