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September 2013

Destination: Australia
The Destination: Australia website aims to draw on the stories of the people and their family members featured in the photographs showcased on their site to create a history of Australia's post-war immigration. The 21,000 photographs on the site come from a promotional series of more than 25,000 photographs taken by the Department of Immigration and are hosted within the National Archives of Australia RecordSearch database. The website aims to identify as many as possible of the individuals depicted in the photographs and the site will be continuing until at least 2015. The information shared will become part of the Archives' RecordSearch system as a permanent part of Australian history.

You can search the site and then register and contribute by tagging people you know, where they came from and came to, add descriptions and comments, and comment on others' contributions.

Ireland - Back to Our Past lecture programme

For any readers who may be travelling in Ireland during October, Back to Our Past takes place on 18-20 October at RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin. This is one of the main Irish heritage events during the year of The Gathering. The lectures are sponsored by (run by the Irish Family History Foundation), and have been organised by the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (APGI). The talks will cover a wide range of topics that will appeal to military history and local history enthusiasts as well as family history researchers. The full timetable of the presentations and other information about the event can be viewed on

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Every family has its stories. Some more than others. For a family to air its dirty laundry in public might come across as the ultimate in self-indulgence. That Stories We a Tell manages to avoid this is no mean feat.
In it, Canadian actor and filmmaker Sarah Polley turns her camera on members of her own family, and asks them to recount their family history in their own words. She speaks with each one at length, separate from each other in order to avoid cross pollination, and attempts to layer these occasionally inconsistent accounts into a cogent whole that might illuminate one of the large unresolved dramas of their life together. 
She approaches the subject with great humility. Polley herself is in fact at the centre of the story, yet for the most part she hovers at the periphery, while her brothers, sisters, father, and friends and associates of the family sit squarely, boldly, in the camera's gaze. The candidness of the interviewees is utterly compelling, a symptom no doubt of the intimacy they share with the filmmaker, Polley. But Stories We Tell does not feel voyeuristic or exploitative. Polley invites us to join them at the table, not to peep through windows and listen at cracks.

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This year is a highly significant one for the Veech family - it is the 175th anniversary of the arrival in Australia of their convict ancestor Bryan Veech and his six- year-old son Patrick, natives of County Meath Ireland.   ( connections to Australia, New Zealand and Ireland)

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