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With thanks to Declan Barron who transcribed these items,

Magazine of Magazines 1753 (Limerick Edition).

January 1753
Hon. and Rev. Wm. Carmichael, L.L.D., constituted Bp of Clonfert and Kilmacduagh.

February 1753
A list of High-Sheriffs ....
Clare Andrew Morony, Esq., Sub John Hawkins of Killaloe, Gent.
Thomas Vandeleur, Esq., barrister at law, to the sister of John Jephson of Carrick, co. Tipperary, Esq.
Revd. Edward Synge, son of the lord bishop of Killaloe, to Sophia, daughter of Revd. Samuel Hutchinson, dean of Dromore.
Mrs. Macnamara, wife of John Macnamara, of Moriesk,
co. Clare Esq.

March 1753
Capt. Obrien of the foot-guards, to the Hon. Miss Obrien, dau. to the E. of Inchiquin.

April 1753
Lady dowager Inchiquin at Bath.

May 1753
Rev. Archdeacon Lewis presented to the Rectory of Kilrush, and Rev. Richard Bullen, to the Rectory of Desart, in the Diocese of Killaloe, both by the Right Hon. the Earl of Inchequin.
Rev. Nicholas H????, A. M. collated to the Archdeaconry of Killaloe, with the Livings, thereto united.
Edward Foster, of Kilbechan, Co. Clare, Esq.

June 1753
Rev. Nicholas Hewetson, L.L.B., presented to the Archdeaconry of Killaloe, with the Rectories and Vicarages of Dorha, Lorka, Bonohane, and Aghilhogane in that Diocese.

July 1753
Steph. Wright of Killavil in C. Tipperary, Esq., to Lucia, sister of Henry D'Esterre of Rossmonaher, C. Clare, Esq.
Rev. W. Nethercoat to the Deanery of Killmacguagh.

August 1753
Edward Dalton of Deer Park, Co. Clare, Esq., to the only sister of John Eyre of Eyre-Court, Esq.

October 1753
At Ennis, Pierce Creagh, the Elder, Esq., He was a Gentleman of Learning, Wit and good understanding and a most polite Education. He was descended, by father and mother, from families of considerable note in this Part of the Kingdam, and he had, in this county, a plentiful Estate, which he may be truly said to have enjoyed, for he did so in a most hospitable manner. He was looked upon as a Roman Catholic, and, on account of his personal Qualifications, the Largeness of his Estate, and the Connections he had, he was ranked amoung the principal persons of that persuasion in the Province of Munster, however he always maintained a good Correspondence, and a strict Friendship with Protestants, amoung whom he had many Relations. He lived to a pretty advanced age, and for some years past had been afflicted with Weakness in his Body and Limbs, but none in his Understanding, which was kept sound and vigorous by a chearful mind. He refused, in his illness, to permit a Popish Priest to!
officiate to him, and when one was brought to him, contrary to his inclination, he soon dismissed him, solemnly declaring he never believed what they taught, or ever was of their opinion, and he entreated his friends that he might not have the trouble of seeing any more of them. He lived some days after, and having sent for the Reverend Mr. Watson, the minister of the Parish, to come to him, he declared that he was a true Protestant and was never otherwise, and he continued in the same sentiments to the hour of his death. No person could be more steady than he was. He dyed with the utmost Abhorrence of Popery, and regard for the Protestant Religion. Thus ended the life of a Gentleman who was much esteemed by all who knew him, and the chief reason that can be assigned for his not declaring himself a Protestant sooner, was, what he freely gave to some of his intimate acquaintances, that he did not like to be called a convert, since it is as he used to say, impolitically, bec!
ome a name of reproach, even amoung many Protestants.

November 1753
At Ennis, Mrs. Bindon, wife of Nicholas Bindon, Esq., and sister of Rob. Trench, co. Galway, Esq.
Mrs. Eliz. Hickman, mother to Rob. Hickman, Esq, M. of P. for the co. of Clare, and sister of the late Col. Stratford of Belah, co. of Kildare.

December 1753
November 24 Mr. James Mahon, of Ennis, co. Clare, to Maria, daughter of Charles Minchin, of Honey Mount, co. Tipperary, Esq.

Magazine of Magazines 1754 (Limerick Edition)

February 1754
High Sheriffs appointed for this present year
Clare Francis Foster, of Cloneen, Esq.

May 1754
March Boyle Vandeleur, of Balchine, co. Clare, Esq., to Miss Fitzgerald, of Castlekeale.
May 6 Rev. mr. Andrew Barclay, Rect. of Killnasalagh, co. Clare.
In Limerick, wife of Pierce Creagh, of Dangan, Esq.

June 1754
At Limerick, Mr. Boyle Vandeleur, to Miss Arthur, of Ennis.
Dominick Darcy, of Cloonuane, Co. Clare, Esq., to Miss Blake, of Moorfield, Co. Galway.
At Limerick, John Purdon, Esq.

September 1754
At Limerick, Mr. James Mcnamara, of Malaga, to the daughter of Mr. O'Brien, of Shannonbrow, Co. Clare.

November 1754
Anthony Hickman, of Elmgrove, Co. Clare, Esq., to Miss Thornhoof, an English Lady, 8000 l. fortune.

December 1754
At Anjouselme in France, Montyfort Browne, of Co. Clare, merchant, to the only daughter of George Mynshall, of Ipswich, Esq., 30,000 l. and 1000 l. per annum.
Giles Vandeleur, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Conyers, daughter of Odell Conyers of Castletown, Esq.
John Purdon, Esq., Counsellor at Law.

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