Tuesday, 3 January 2012


 Clare Journal 1906

 Courtesy of Larry Brennan...

What Wives Are For?

It is not to sweep the house and make the bed,

and darn the socks and cook the meat,

chiefly that a man wants a wife.

If this is all he wants, when a young man calls to see a young lady,

send him into the pantry to taste the bread and cakes that she has made,

or send him to see the needlework and bed-making,

or put a broom in her hands and send him to witness its use.

Such thinks are important, and this wise young man will quietly look after

But what the true man most wants of a wife is her companionship,

sympathy, and love.

The way of life has many dreary places in it, and man needs a companion with

A man is sometimes overtaken with misfortune; he meets a failure, defeat

and temptations beset him, and he needs one to stand and sympathise.

He has some stern battles to fight with poverty, with enemies, and with sin;
and he need a women who, as he puts an arm around her, feels that he has
something to fight for and will help him to fight, who will put her lips to
his ear and whisper words of counsel, and her hand to his hearth and impart


The man who wants the earth, my son is the very man the earth doesn't want.

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