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With thanks to Declan Barron who has transcribed these items....

Magazine of Magazines 1751 (Limerick Edition).

January 1751
Sheriffs appointed ....... for the year 1751
Clare Pierce Creagh, of Dangan, Esq.

February 1751
Stanislaus McMahon of Clenagh, county Clare, Esq., to Lucinda, daughter of Walter Esmond, of Cregg, county Tipperary.

March 1751
Francis Pierpoint Burton of Boncraggy, County Clare., Esq., to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Clements, Esq., Teller of his Majesty's Exchequer.

June 1751
John Smith of the Co. of Clare, Esq., to Mrs. Cox, a widow lady, of that county.

August 1751
James Moloney the younger of Kiltannan, co. Clare, Esq., to Mary, daughter of Arthur weldon of Raheen, Queen'e co. Esq.
James Davoren the elder of Lisdonverna, co. Clare, Esq., to Miss Stackpole of Castleconnel.
Lieut. Cotter of General Otway's regiment, to Mrs. McNamara of Castletown, co. Clare, widow.

October 1751

Magazine of Magazines 1752 (Limerick Edition).

January 1752
Ecclesiastical Preferments from the London Gazette
...... to translate Dr. John Whetcombe, Bp of Clonfert, Kilmackduagh and Kilfenora. to the bishopric of Down and Connor. promote Dr. Arthur Smyth, dean of the cathedral of Derry, to the united bishoprics of Clonfert and Kilmackduagh.
....... to grant to Dr. Nicholas Synge Bp of Killaloe, the bishopric of Kilfenora in commendam.
John Brown of Bridgetown Co. Clare Esq., to the daughter of the Hon. H. Southwell, Esq.
Robert McGrath of Kilbarron, Co. Clare, Gent., aged about 115 years.
Mrs. Hickman, wife to Anthony Hickman of Ballykett, Co. Clare, Esq.

February 1752
High Sheriffs of Counties ......
Clare - Joseph England of Cahircalla, Esq. Clerk, Anthony Woulfe, Gent.
A list of the quarters of Army in Ireland
General Blakeney's - 6 Athlone, 4 Clare-Castle.

March 1752
Letters patent passed the great seal, translating the right rev. doctor John Whetcombe, bishop of Clonfert, Kilmacduagh and Kilfenora alias Fenabore, to the united bishopricks of Down and Connor.
Letters patent passed the great seal containing a grant of the united bishoprics of Clonfert and Kilmacduagh, under doctor Arthur Smith, dean of the cathedral of Derry.
Letters patent passed the great seal containing a grant and donation, of the bishopric of Kilfenora, alias Fenabore to the right rev doctor Nicholas Synge, bishop of Killaloe, to be held in commendam with the said bishopric.

April 1752
Edmund Morony of the Co. of Clare, Esq., to Anne, daughter of John Westrop of Lismehan, Co. of Clare, Esq.
Andrew Creagh of the Co. of Clare, Esq., to Miss Betty Fitzgerald of Stonehall.

June 1752
Thos. son of Thos. Spaight of Lodge co. Clare, Esq., to the sister of councellor Hely.
Crosdaile Malony and Anthony Woulfe, Gent. made clerks of the crown and peace for the county of Clare and Limerick, and county of the city of Limerick.

November 1752
Nov 2 Hugh Hickman of Fenloe, County Clare, Esq., to Bridget, daughter of John Bury, Esq.
Samuel Barrington, Esq., Collector of Ennis.

December 1752
Matthew Jones, Esq., appointed Collector of Youghal, and Philip Paterson, Esq., Collector of Ennis.

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