Saturday, 28 January 2012


Courtesy Larry Brennan

Family Bible

The Clare Champion of the 17th November 1954 tells us the following story:

Two family bibles from Ireland, which are nearly 100 years old, were 
examined in the Practice Court, Melbourne, when deciding who should inherit 
an estate now valued at £34,600.

The estate was left by Mrs. Annabella Sharpe, Benalla, Victoria, when she 
died in 1919, without leaving a will. Ever since the authorities have been 
searching for her next-of-kin.

Mrs. Sharpe was born in Ireland in 1836 and went to Australia when she was 
27. After an investigation of claims to the estate from Ireland, the Curator 
of the estates of deceased persons found that Mr. Harry Payne Thompson of 
Killaloe, Co. Clare, was the first cousin of Mrs. Sharpe and her next of 
kin. A summons for the distribution of the estate was taken out by Mr. 
Thompson, and March 31st was fixed as the last day for the lodgment of 
claims. Before the date a claim was made on behalf of Mrs. Gertrude Julia 
Holiday, Ireland, who said that she was a cousin of Mrs. Sharpe.After 
investigation, a decision was made in favour of Mr. Thompson, and a 
certificate has now been issued to that effect. 

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