Wednesday, 13 March 2013

SOCKS IN THE FRYING PAN!... ENNIS, a historical town

Will you be 'going home' for The Gathering?

Songwriter and Ennis native Peter Keane penned 'The Gathering' in 1999 following years spent playing the vibrant music scene in New York and Boston. The song reflects an emigrant's absence from his homeland and looking forward to a home-coming in Ireland.

Yesterday The Clare Gathering launched it, featuring the trio “Socks in the frying pan”


 Ennis/Phoenix Week takes place this week and marks the 25th anniversary of the twinning relationship between the town of Ennis and the US city of Phoenix.
For seven days, Ennis will celebrate the special relationship it shares with Phoenix, Arizona.
One of the events on
Friday 15th March 11.45 am
Features Ennis, a Historical Town with Larry Brennan, of Clare Roots Society - (Delegation, Band & Public are welcome)  
Venue: Temple Gate Hotel. 


  1. Oh!!!... "The Gathering" is so so beautiful... Wish I could be there. Thanks for sharing, Chris.

    1. Me, too, Catherine... the best laid plans....


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