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Courtesy of Marie Crowley... much appreciated.

Registration Dist:  Killaniv
Union of Ennis, Co. Clare.

Date & Name        Age        Relation                    Died of                        Informant

July 17, 1901
Angela Crowe     Age 13   Farmers daughter   Died of Bronchitis       James Crowe (father)
of Tullassa                                                                                                    of Tullassa

30 August, 1901
Bridget Mulqueen   Age 15 mths       Labourers daughter                     Katie Mulqueen (mother)
of Kilcollum                                                                                                  of Killcolum

1 August, 1901    Age 81      Farmer's Widow        Old age                  Lizzie Markham
Mary Markham                                                                                            of Crag
of Crag

17 August, 1901   Age 10      Farmer's daughter     Peritonitis            John O'Loughlin (father)
Ellen O'Loughlin                                                                                         of Ballyahea
of Ballyashea

27 January, 1924    Age 64   Married        Farmer                                 Minnie O'Connor (wife)
John O'Connor  
of Stimethichel (?)

4 February, 1924   Age 84    Married        Farmer       Senile decay    Bridget Culligan (wife)
Martin Culligan                                                                                            of Baenageeha   
of Baenageeha
15 January, 1924  Age 54  Married    Farmer's wife    Heart failure     Richard Leyellon (husband)
Bridget Leyellon                                                                                          Druminure

10 October, 1923    Age 90  Married    Farmer's widow  Senile decay  Patrick Conon (Son)
Ellen Conlon                                                                                                   Lisroe


10 February, 1897                Inch Chapel      Killaniv
Patrick Reddan      Widower    Farmer           Dangan           Patt Reddan Farmer (living)
Mary Keane            Spinster      ---------            Ivy Hill              Tom Keane Farmer (living)

Witnesses:  Richard O'Gorman                    Fr. Timothy Hogan P.P.
                     Mary O'Connor   

28 October 1915            Kinmona Chapel          Killaniv
Thomas Collis        Bachelor     Creamery Manager        Carrickbanagher        Tom Collis Farmer (living)

Catherine Hegarty  Spinster            ----------------                Kilnamona                   Owen Hegarty Farmer (alive)

Witnesses:  James Hegarty                           Fr. William Merinain
                      Mary Frawley

13 June, 1900                Kilmurry Ibrickan Church    Kilrush Union
Pat Griffin              Bachelor        Workman        Donogan                Patrick Griffin Farmer

Mary Butler            Spinster          -----------          Donogan                Frank Butler  Workman

Witnesses:  John Griffin                  Fr. Patrick Gunning C.C.
                      Ellen Gallagher


  1. Sincere thanks Marie!!! Much appreciated... from Catherine, down-here in South Australia.

  2. Looking for Stephen Barry and Mary McGuane

    1. Greetings,
      Stephen Barry was my 2nd great-grandfather. He was from Rossconnell, Clare. I do have some partial information about him.
      Best wishes,

    2. As you both have posted under Unknown, perhaps you can add the extra information here. You can also contact me through the IGP Clare group on Facebook.. which I Co Admin. and I can put you in touch with each other.

  3. With so little information, it is difficult to know where to start. However, I suggest that you try to start with. Otherwise, there are
    quite a number of genealogy groups on Facebook that may be able to help you.


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