Friday, 29 March 2013


If ever you wondered what the Clare Roots Society actually do, then have a look through this and mark your diaries now... so many variations from lectures to memorials to book launches..

Oh, to be in Clare when all this is happening!

Coming Events

April 2nd to April 6th. Clare Roots Society. Conference Week.

April 2nd. 2 Films Set in Irish Workhouses . 7.30 pm Old Ground Hotel.

April 3rd. Gerry Kennedy's, Book Launch: Tracing your Clare Ancestors. Old Ground Hotel. 7.45pm.

April 3rd. Tim Collins Lecture. 6.30pm, Old Ground Hotel.

April 4th. Liam Curran, Lecture. 5.30pm, Old Ground Hotel.

April 4th. Eric Shaw's Book : Memorials of Past Lives, 7.30pm. In St. Columba's Church.

April 5th. Meet The Genealogist Session. 4pm. To 6pm, Temple Gate Hotel.

April 5th. Welcome Reception. 6.30pm & Ml. Gandy, Lecture. Temple Gate Hotel.

April 18th Tony Cassidy's Book. From a Rock to a hard place.6.30pm. Civic Rooms,Ennis Town Council, Drumbiggle Road.

April 18th. Lucille Ellis: The Gallery Family. The Civic Rooms, Town Council, Drumbiggle Road. 8pm.

May 3rd to 12th. Famine Commemoration Ceremony Kilrush.

May 5th. Famine Memorial Ceremony Old Drumcliff Cemetery 3pm.

May 16th.   Gerard Madden. The Iron Masters of the Sliabh Aughty region in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Civic Rooms,Town Council, Drumbiggle Road. 

May 30th. Brian Dinan's Book launch: St. Flannan's Terrace. Old Ground Hotel  8pm. 

Summer recess.


  1. Boo hoo...not able to be there :-(

    I wonder if it's possible to have any presentations posted on the web...with author's permission of course.

    1. I shall ask, last conference, they made a dvd of the total sessions... it is great to feel as if you were there. I would think they will again.


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