Wednesday, 13 March 2013

1911 Census Entry... very special...

1911 census entry for a wife with no kids, who seems to have very decided views …

1911: DAY, George Head Married 24 years M 45 1866 Poultrer Suffolk Ipswich

DAY, Susan F 50; 1861; Attend To Her Household Duties, Do Her Own Washing, Bake Bread And Keep Her House Clean And Attend to her own business and leave other People's alone; Suffolk Nacton - 0ch

RG number: RG14; Piece: 10758; Reference: RG14PN10758 RG78PN581 RD211 SD1 ED8 SN82
Registration District: Bosmere; Sub District: Coddenham; Enumeration District: 8
Parish: Claydon; Address: Claydon Street; County: Suffolk



  1. She obviously didn't take too kindly to filling in census forms :)

    1. You have to laugh... census forms can be such a delight!


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