Thursday, 28 March 2013

IRISH GENEALOGY new site launch...

An Irish emigrant to the US waits next to an Italian and her children at Ellis Island in the early 20th century. A new website,, brings together census data, land records, military archives, wills and even Ellis Island records onto a single portal. Photograph: FPG/Getty Images 

By going to the original site below, you will be able to read the various comments, including that of Chris Paton... with whom I have to agree. As always, you can enlarge image by clicking on it.


  1. I love this website because it gave me my 2xgreat grandparents' marriage and a daughter's baptism, as well as clues to where they lived. I'd had no chance of this in the preceding 30 years as I had no idea how long they'd been in Dublin.

    I think their comment that it gives an "ease" to Irish research is a bit optimistic as many of us could testify.

    Imagine an IrishPeople facility -wouldn't that be heaven on a stick!!

  2. Every little bit helps... and we who are so far away, truly appreciate all that we can do online now. I like the idea of Heaven on a stick! ;-)


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