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Ennis Chronicle 1815, Donellan, Arthur, Newpark House, Mahon,

The following are all courtesy of Declan Barron. Much appreciated.

Ennis Chronicle 19 Apr 1815

Being informed that Michael Donnellan of Kilquane in my absence illegally assumed some illegal title in part of the lands of Doolick late in the possession of Francis O'Mara, Esq., and has illegally attempted to sell same in small divisions. I hereby caution you and each of you against dealing with said Michael Donnellan until he produces you his title to said lands, of which he has none, his Title Deed and Lease having been long since conveyed and assigned to me, and the same regularly registered. I now refer you to Richard Scott, Esq., Attorney, who has same, and I further give you notice that the arrear of £300 and upwards is now due of said lands to my creditors, and that if you attempt under any illegal Title of his, to till or occupy any part of said lands, that I will take such proceedings against you as I shall be advised both for legal possesion and for recovery of the arrear. Dated this 27th day of April 1814.
John Donnellan.

Ed. Note... I wonder if said Michael Donnellan was a son of John Donellan?


Ennis Chronicle 21 Apr 1815

By the decease of our late townsman, Walter Arthur, Esq., we find that John
O'Donnell, of Newbridge, Esq., has been paid 1000L. and G. E. Bruce, Esq.,
of the city of Limerick, 1850L. British, being the amount of assurances
effected by those Gentlemen with the Globe Company on the life of Mr.

Note from Declan...

Looks like you could have got a 'lottery win' if you took out life assurance
on someone else.
Poses the question did Walter die naturally ?


Ennis Chronicle 15 April 1815

On Monday last, an act of outrage as unjustifiable as it was unprevoked, took place in the suburbs of this town. About 2 o'clock a poor traveller was assailed by some unthinking wretches who making use of the epithet " Hangman " - soon collected a vast crowd, amoung whom we are concerned to observe, that not a single feature of humanity was descernable - all seemed alike determined on Murder, as it was next to a miracle that the miserable stranger, covered with wounds and contusions, made his way into the house of Newpark, where he was protected, by Mr. Mahon, until a military guard arrived to disperse the savages who seemed to thirst for the blood of their fellow creature.

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