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Courtesy of Declan Barron...

Ennis Chronicle 19 Jan 1814

On Saturday last, in the Church of Tomgraney, Richard Kenny, of Millmount,
Esq., to Miss Brady, daughter to Henry Brady, of Raheens, Esq.
A few days ago, Mr. Christopher O'Donnell, of Cahirblonig, in this County,
to Miss O'Brien, daughter of the late John O'Brien, Esq., of Toonagh.
At Kildysert, Mr. Patrick Lewis, to Miss McMahon, daughter of Mr. Thomas
, of said place.

Last Thursday morning, in William Street, Limerick, the Reverened William C.
, of Landscape, in this County.

Ennis Chronicle 8 Jan 1814

To Be Set (sic) 
The House, Offices, and twenty three acres of choice meadow,
Part of the lands of Cappahard
Proposals to be made to Mr. Michael Swyny, Cappahard, Ennis, .......

To Be Let
The dwelling house and premises in Bow Lane, in the town of Ennis
Formerly the Custom House
As now held by Boyle Vandeleur, Esq.
Also the dwelling house, cellar, and concerns in Mill Street as lately held by
Mr. Anthony England, and now held by
the widow Raleigh ....
Also the upper part of the dwelling house in Church Street, as now held by
William Brew, over the shop and premises in the possesion of Thomas Carrigg ....
Proposals .... to William Brampton Burne, Esq., No.27 Grafton Street, Dublin.

Mr. Daxon will Set
... 50 to 100 acres
Also Fifty Acres of Caroo
.... 2 miles of Ennis ...

At Mungret, near Limerick, much regretted, aged 86 years, the Rev. Michael O'Kelly, P.P., of Creagh, which he filled for nearly 40 years.

Ennis Chronicle 15 Nov 1815

Mary Fitzgerald, Assignee of John Fitzgerald, Plaintiff
Edward Quinlivan, and others, Defendants.
.....sell ... defendant Edward Quinlivan's interest in the lands of Skehana North, near the town of Clare, together with Skehanagh Bog.
Richard Studdert, Sheriff.

William Brew, Plaintiff.
Cornelius O'Brien, Defendant.
..... sell .... on the lands of Ballyally some Hay and Corn seized  ....
Richard Studdert, Sheriff.

Last Saturday, in the prime of youth, and after a few days illness which baffled the best medical skill, Mr. John O'Donnell, of this town, nephew to 
John O'Donnell, Esq., Newbridge. .... He had but returned to his friends, after some time spent in Dublin to qualify him for a situation in the 
Revenue .....

Ennis Chronicle 29 Nov 1815
At Croverahan, the saet of James O'Donnell, Mrs. O'Donnell, relict of the late Wm. O'Donnell, of Dunmore, Esq., in this county.

Ennis Chronicle 2 Dec 1815

To Be Let
The lands of Tulloe & Killenny
Situate in the Barony of Moyarta
Proposals ... to Peter Fitzgibbon Henchey, Esq., 33 Merrion Square, South,
ot to Mr. Peter Fitzpatrick, 64 Capel Street, Dublin.

Thursday night departed this life, at his appartments at Clonroad, near Ennis, Jonathan Gregg, Esq., Counsellor at Law. ..........

At Corofin, Mr. Robert Harvey of Rathkerry, to Agnes, second daughter of Mr. John Baker, of Crossard.

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