Friday, 24 January 2014


Courtesy of Declan Barron


To Be Set
......the following farms situate in the village of Kildysert ....
Part of The Estate of Wm. Coppinger, Esq.
Part of Lisivoriheen occupied by Murphy and Loughnane containing plantation measure 118a 2r. 0p.
Part of same occupied by Danl. Quin containing 74a. 5r. 6p.
Part of Clonola occupied by James Lewis, containing 147a. 2r. 34p.
Part of same occupied by Mormoyle containing 107a. 2r. 6p.
Proposals ..... to William Galwey, South Mall, Cork, who will forward them to Mr. Coppinger.

To Be Let
...... House and Demise of Ballycunneen
Late the residence of Thady O'Halloran, Esq. Desceased. ..........
Proposals ..... Mrs. O'Halloran, Ballycunneen, Newmarket-on-Fergus, and by Messrs. Thomas and William Roche, Bankers, Limerick.

Tyredagh Castle ...... will be let .......................
Proposals to Thomas Browne, Esq., Newgrove, Tulla, or Poole Henn, Esq., Marl Hill, Tulla.

Elizabeth Drew, and others, Plaintiffs.
Henry Brady, Hugh Brady, and others, Defendants.
Pursuant to the Decree ...... all persons whom Jn. Brady, late of Bellfield, in the County of Clare, desceased, was indebted ..... prove same ...
Edward Westby.



At Garruragh, the seat of her brother, Nicholas Comyn, Esq., Thomas Browne, of Newgrove, Esq., to Mrs. Arthur.
On Sunday last, at her uncle's house, Kilrush, Hickman Chartres, Esq., to Ellen, daughter of Charles O'Connor, late of Rathkeale, Esq.

The Clare Militia
Major Gen. Barry, who had been here for several days inspected our Regiment of Militia, on Saturday last. ........................
On Monday this fine body of men were marched to Clare for the purpose of being disembodied. ...........


At Newmarket House, the Lady of Charles Studdert, Esq., of a son and heir.

At St. Peter's Church, by the Rev. the Archdeacon of Dublin, Charles Henry Tottenham, Esq., eldest son of Loftus Tottenham, Esq., to Dorothea, only child of the late George Crowe, Esq., of Nutfield in this County.

Wednesday 1st., by the Rev. William Lee, at St. George's Church, Richard White, Esq., of Castle Fergus, in this County, to Maria, daughter of the late Edward Sayers, Esq., of the City of Limerick, M.D.

Last Thursday, Edmund Singleton, of Quinville, Esq. ........... family burial place in Kilnasula ......
On Tuesday morning last, at Castle Crine, the seat of James Butler, Esq., his brother-in-law, Edward Fitzgerald, Esq., Town Mayor of Limerick, and formerly Major of the 57th regt.

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