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Barbarous Murder

Whereas between the hours of one and two o'clock, on Wednesday, the 11th January, inst., Edm. Shally, Herdsman to Messrs. Spellessy and Whetstone, on the lands of Eribol, in this County was most INHUMANLY MURDERED by Timothy Murphy and Thomas O'Connors (Tenants to part of said lands) aided and assisted by Patrick O'Connors of Knock, brother to the said Thomas O'Connors. Now we, the undersigned ..... promise to pay .... to any person or persons who shall apprehend ..... any or other of the above Murderers ........

20 Guineas

Edw. O'Brien, Wm. Fitzgerald,  H. D. Massy, John Whetstone, Denis Spellessy.

10 Guineas

Wm. Galway, Bindon Scott, Poole Hickman, Richard Bartley, John Scott, Thos. Whetstone, Frs. Whetstone, Fras. Gore, Thos. Barnwell, John O'Donnell, James Mahon, Thomas Steele.

5 Guineas

Andrew Kerin, Samuel Bindon, Robt. Keane, Chs., Rich. Palliser, Wm. Bartley?, Henry Bridgeman, Anthony Colpoys, James Studdert, Chartres Brew, David Power, William Butler, Gerald Carrigg, Pierce Carrigg, D. Mulvihill, sen., Chars. Mulvihill, D. Mulvihill, jnr., Dan. O'Grady, Edm. O'Grady, West. Rosslewin, Christ. O'Brien, Pat. Nihill, Thos. Power, P.P., Jas. Coffee, P.P., Henry Molony, James Hynes, Pat. McMahon, Rev. W. Hadlock, James Sheehan, Edm. M Greene, Michael Stritch, Robt. Kean, Pat., John McNamara, And. Stacpoole, Wm. Brew, Joseph Roughan, Michael Sheehan, Tim. Foley, Thomas Ievers, Wm. Reade, John Reade, Jonas Rose, Geo. Colpoys, G. Studdert, snr., Richard Studdert, G. Studdert, jnr., Thomas Spaight, Michael Canny, Daniel Powell, Edmund powell, Michael Fitzgerald, Corns. O'Brien, M. O'Brien, M.D., Edm. Quinlivan, Robert Crowe, John Foley, Dan. O'Connell, Peter Blake, David Blake, David A. England, Henry McDonnell, Hewitt Bridgeman, Pat. Blake, Mon. Dulhunty, Marcus!
 Dulhunty, Chas. Barnwell, Thos. D'Arcy, Thos. Hehir, James Molony, John Sheehan, Fras. Swyny, Jas. O'Dwyer, Chas. O'Dwyer, Rich. Greagh, C. P. Bolton, Isaac Bolton, Charles Mahon, John Ed. Kenny, James Graves, St. Jn. Bridgeman, Connor O'Brien, John I. Carroll, Wm. Green, Bas. Davoren, H. O'Loughlin, C. O'Loughlin, Chas. Healy, P.P., J. O'Shaughnessy, Geo. Lysaght, Thomas McMahon, Pat. McMahon, Mat. Canny, Nich. Comyn.

3 Guineas

Wm. Scott, James Sexton, Pat Mahon, Wm. Kenny, Denis Murphy, Robert Young, E. B. Armstrong, Mich. Quinlivan, John Crowe, Austin Moran, Michael Foster, Michael Healy, John Healy, Thos. Roughan, Goe. Edwards.

2 Guineas

Edw. O'Brien, James Murphy, Alex. King, Mich. Kenny, Wm. Emerson, Nep. Blood, Pat. O'Brien, John R. McGrath, Thomas B. Woods, Andrew Castle, J. Murphy, P.P., James Quinlivan, John Roche, William Ri?ler.

1 Guinea

M. Shaughnessy, M. Murphy, snr., Edmund Murphy, Michael Murphy, David Moran, Wm. Flanagan, John Flinn, Wm. Hadlock, Hugh Floyde, John Lysaght, Benj. Greene, Thomas Purcell, James O'Gorman, D. Spellissey, jnr., John O'Kearney, A.C. Stretch, J. McQuillian, John Fo?er, Pat. Mullins, John White, J. J. Fitzgerald.

Courtesy of Declan Barron

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