Sunday, 12 January 2014

CLARE COUNTY LIBRARY... more than just a Library...


Gone are the days when Libraries were places where you dare not utter a word
other than to very quietly ask a librarian for help...
Even then, you were often pointed towards a dusty card index drawer and left to find things yourself.
Today, libraries are vibrant places, full of happy people with very helpful librarians. They are community gathering places, places for exhibitions, for music and all manners of technology. 

They are no longer slumbering repositories, but are
vibrant, lively and a pleasure to visit.

County Clare's Library, Ennis
 is no exception.
Locals will already know how great it is, but so do many hundreds, nay, thousands, 
of researchers across the world who are interested in all things Irish, 
especially Irish history /family history/genealogy.

There are thousands of photographs, records of all kinds, digitised and hard copies, all available either online or accessible with the help of the enthusiastic staff who are only too happy to help. 

Many of the records have been transcribed by volunteers... wander though the collections and see what you can find..

Library Headquarters, Mill Rd., Ennis

 You can read about the history of the Clare Library here

Be sure to visit the Clare Library blog

It will keep you in touch with all that's happening in Co Clare, as does this blog.

 Have fun!


  1. I'm lucky enough to have visited both the library and the local studies centre next door. It was such a thrill!! The Clare Library website has been one of my absolute favourites for over 10 years...they have been truly innovative and it speaks volumes for the vision of their founding agencies. Long may I prosper!!

    1. Though I have yet to visit, I have certainly used their resources, online and by email request. They couldn't be more helpful and they share their passion for their work. What more could we ask?


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