Monday, 4 February 2013


The Talty millions: a genealogical journey from Miltown to Miami
The next meeting of the Old Kilfarboy Society will take place on Tuesday, 12 February at 8pm in the Malbay, Miltown Malbay and will feature a lecture by Paddy Waldron on the fascinating story of TJ Talty, who left Miltown for the US in the 1860s and died in Florida in 1926.
TJ's baptism on 12 December 1855 is recorded in Latin in the registers of Miltown Malbay, as Thadeus, youngest child of Timothy Talty and Margaret McNamara. 

He grew up between his parents' shop in Miltown Malbay and their small farm in Knockanalban (Mount Scot) outside the town. Around the mid-1860s, most of the family emigrated together to Massachusetts. From there, TJ later set out on the successful career as a hotel keeper which took him all around the US and eventually to Miami. This talk will trace TJ's travels around the U.S. and describe the process of tracing his heirs using the technologies of the 1920s and of the present day.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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