Monday, 18 February 2013


Gaols of Ennis presented by Larry Brennan of CRS   ....Wednesday 8pm in the Old Ground Hotel.


Larry Brennan of Clare Roots Society will give an illustrated talk on Wednesday 20 February on the various Gaols in Ennis at a presentation of awards to Ennis Parish People of the Year at 8.00 p.m. in the Old Ground Hotel. Using previous research & sources by Tim Kelly, Brian O' Dalaigh and the recent archaeological excavations and monitoring by Graham Hull & Milica Rajie, Larry will put together the history of the Gaols. His talk will cover associated crimes and punishment, from the first Gaol in 1591 to its closure as a penitentiary of the County Clare Gaol on the 31st March 1880.  

We will hear of the background to the impairment details of the 24 priests gaoled in 1712, the  imprisonment of Mary McNamara, a lewd idle woman, the punishment of 60 lashes to Michael Pilkington and the hanging of Honora Concannon. The talk will also cover the 1261 convicts transported to Australia from 1825 to 1851. Larry will use sketches, maps and photographs covering the periods of the Gaols.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

"The main street in Ennis now known as O'Connell Street in honour of the 'Liberator' Daniel O'Connell was called Jail Street before that and naturally enough this was the location of the first gaol in the town which was built in 1591, up until then the Friary served as a court and jailhouse."


Clara Hoyne
Clare Roots Secretary
Also Thursday this week CRS monthly talk with Ursula Callaghan on Networking in the 18th Century. Old Ground Hotel Ennis 8.30 p.m.

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