Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Special Appeal re THE PIER movie

Folks, I am not making a plea for funds as such, but I have agreed to post it here, so that you may forward it on to any individuals or organisations that you think may be interested in helping. If you don't want to do so, please don't... you can still read the story about The Pier and know to look out for it when it is released. The time is running out for this, see below...

THE PIER is an award winning film, featured at over 30 International film festivals, about an Emigrant son's return to his ailing father....and it's on kickstarter for distribution so that it can be seen on the screen. Organizations and even Irish clans see the importance of telling stories of the diaspora and have come out to support in droves. You can see on the link to our kickstarter our partner/supporters who are spreading the word: They include (from us and world wide...all united to support Irish Culture). Irish films are far and few between and organizations are uniting to help new voices.

The Irish Film Board

The Irish American Cultural Institute

The Irish Film Institute

New York Irish Center

Centre for Creative Practices

Irish Abroad

The Driscolls of Canada -

The Power Clan Gathering

McAuliffe Clan Gathering Facilitator

Irish Gathering

.... however despite these supporters we are at 37% with just a few days left. We need to spread the word far and wide and hope to have your support with a link to our kickstarter. Feel free to use any information that is on the kickstarter link as well. Thanks so much for your consideration.

"In The Pier, it was important to me to stay honest and show humble people bravely facing their lives. I wanted to honour the part of the world I come from - a place which is generally glossed over by a cloud of vapid clich├ęs in Hollywood movies." --Gerard Hurley, THE PIER Director/Writer/Actor
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