Tuesday, 26 February 2013

DID I EVER TELL YOU ABOUT...? John Grenham does...

How often have you seen the eyes roll, or hear the groans, or other mutterings as you or someone else in the family relates yet again, the "story about..."

 Well, even John Grenham from The Irish Times battles to ensure that family stories, recollections, important details are passed on... read his comments below.... and glean all you can from these stories, you'll wish you did later on.


I would love to hear what is the most told tale from your own family...... for our family, it is one of a few told often by an older relative who has no idea of how many times we've heard them. Each time though, there seems to be a slight difference, not so much by choice, but by  a valiant attempt to recall any and everything as he  battles with an ever decreasing ability to remember much at all.

 Keep listening, support your loved ones, for all too soon, you will be wishing them back to hear that strange tale, just one more time...

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  1. Far too many of us (me included!) roll their eyes as their parents or grandparents try to pass on our history. Wiser ones like you made the effort to remember. It's why I try to publish my stories -in the optimistic hope they survive until the next generation comes to the realisation that they want to know.

  2. They will survive Pauleen, and be a great legacy for all who follow. Even now, I learn new snippets most days... we must not only publish, but mention these things, tell our families, including extended families and be happy to be the keeper of the family's greatest treasure, it's history.


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