Sunday, 19 August 2012


A BAG of flour maybe be useful for many things but can it help preserve history? Well that’s exactly what the Clare Archaeological and Historical Society used, along with the stalwart work of its members, to help with the painstaking transcription of burial monuments at Kilraghtis graveyard, which is in the Doora-Barefield parish.

Mary Kearns of the society explained the efforts made by the volunteers to gather this fascinating information. “A bag of flour is what we used brush into the stones to get the inscriptions. The flour, good eyesight, endless patience, good weather and going back again and again. It can be exhausting going back and forth but the information is so interesting.”

This Sunday, as part of Heritage Week, the society will be launching a new booklet on Kilraghtis Church and graveyard in the very spot where the transcriptions were made.

The booklet is available for €3 through

To read the rest of the story and see if your family names are mentioned, please click on the link below...

P.S. wonder if that was self raising flour? It could make the task easier perhaps...

A hint from Paddy Waldron... talcum powder doesn't turn to glue when it rains...

To find this graveyard, the following information is also courtesy of Paddy Waldron...

It's marked on the historic OSI maps at

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