Sunday, 26 August 2012

AUSTRALIAN and International Links... on FACEBOOK

Many of you are looking for connections either in Australia or for connections pre your ancestors journeys to Australia. 
One of the most helpful groups on Facebook is Australian Genealogy, owned and moderated by Carolyn Johnson...

 Do have a look through the files and photos, there all manners of helpful and interesting items there...

 We also have a great County Clare Genealogy group at 

 I am just one of the admins... we also have lots of files, links, etc. and many very helpful people, both residents of Clare and Ireland in general and international. It's worth joining just to see the fabulous old photos...

 To see a list of just some of the genealogy groups on Facebook, go to


  1. Very helpful links. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. You're welcome Fi,
      I hope they can help a bit... with all these groups, there are a number of very helpful people who don't hesitate to do what they can... whether it be use their subs to look up things, take photographs, or share their knowledge of particular areas of research. All that's missing is the coffee... otherwise, it's the 'back fence' of genealogy.

  2. You do realise you're corrupting me....I've been a passionate anti-FBer for years and slowly but surely I'm being sucked in.

    1. I was too, but it was a great way to see family photos, then more and more cousins started joining and we were able to keep in touch far more easily... then...drum roll... genealogists made their claim, so how could we not be involved?

      See you on the net.... ;-)


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