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These transcriptions were kindly donated by Marie Crowley, and accepted with much appreciation.
They range in years from 1890 - 1920

Philadelphia, PA.

CAVANAUGH:  March 31, 1917.  Anne, wife of Dennis Cavanaugh of Co. Clare, Ireland.  Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

COVANY:  December 28, 1894.  Dr. Thomas Covany at his residence on South Jardin Street, aged 61 years.  From Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland.  Survived by his wife and 3 sons, Thomas, Joseph, Michael and two daughters, Mary and Anne, ages from 16-28 years.  Interment in Annunciation Cemetery.

CREIGHTON:  August 20, 1919.  Margaret, daughter of the late John and Johanna Creighton of Co. Clare, Ireland.  Funeral from residence of Anne M. Brophy 8304.5 Filbert Street.  Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

EGAN:  March 17, 1917. Margaret, daughter of the late Daniel and Mary Egan of Milltown Malby, Co. Clare, Ireland.  Funeral from her sister in-laws residence Mrs Mary Egan, 3950 Wallace Street, West Philadelphia.

HANRAHAN:  July 13, 1890. John, died at the residence of his uncle Michael Hanrahan, Kinzers Station.  Native of Milltown Malby, Co. Clare, Ireland.  Aged 22 years. Interment St. Mary's Cemetery.

HAYES:  October 2, 1914.  Michael Jr, husband of Mary E. Hayes, late of Co. Clare, Ireland.  Funeral from his residence 467 N. 4th Street.

HAYES:  February 21, 1918. Bridget, daughter of the late Owen and Margaret Hayes of Fermoyle, Co. Clare, Ireland.  Funeral from her niece's residence Mrs Thomas Bentley of 5310 Hadfield Street, West Philadelphia.  Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

HOGAN:  October 11, 1918.  Nora, wife of Thomas A. Hogan of Co. Clare, Ireland.  Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

HYNES:  December 17, 1919.  Margaret, widow of Thomas Hynes of Co. Clare, Ireland.  Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

LEARY:  January 30, 1917.  Suddenly, Thomas, son of Mary and the late Thomas Leary of Kilmihill, Co. Clare, Ireland.  Interment Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

McCARTHY:  July 5, 1892.  John, son of Timothy and Bridget McCarthy of Co. Clare, Ireland.  Aged 27 years.  Funeral from his parents residence Independence Street, Pitsburg, PA.

McMAHON  July 16, 1918.  Rev Michael J. McMahon, son of John and Mary McMahon (nee Burke) of Newmarket on Fergus, Co. Clare, Ireland.  Late assistant rector of St. Ann's Church, Phonixville, PA.  Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

PURCELL:  December 15, 1920.  John Purcell, son of Anna and the late Patrick Purcell of Co, Clare, Ireland.

QUINLIVAN:  August 24, 1919.  Patrick, husband of the late Anne Quinlivan and son of the late John and Bridget Quinvilan, Bridgetown, Co. Clare, Ireland.  Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

RYAN:  November 6, 1917.  Johanna, wife of Matthew J. Ryan (nee Hayes) and daughter of Thomas and the late Mary Odell of Killaloe, Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.



Wounded severely; Corp Patrick J. McInerney of Kilferagh, Kilkee, Co. Clare, Ireland.  October 15, 1918.

September 1918.  Casualty List
Pvt. Thomas Shannon, of Co. Clare, Ireland died of wounds.

Thomas Crehen left yesterday for Co. Clare, Ireland from whence he came six months ago.  Tom sold out his Hotel property in the old country with anticipation of earning eight shillings a day in America and now returns to tell his friends that the States are not flowing with toddy and honey, as the steamship agents represent them.    Shenandoah, PA.  March 27, 1894.


Body brought from Kentucky home found rich kinsman 4 years ago.

Athens, PA.  March 5, 1915.  The body of John T. Markham of Hopkinsville, KY was buried here today being conveyed from the South in a private car of Charles H. Markham, President of the Illinois Central Railroad, a brother.
The accidental discovery four years ago by the aged Kentucky bricklayer that his long lost brother was the head of a great railroad system attracted nationwide attention.
John T. Markham was born 76 years ago in Co. Clare, Ireland.  When a child came with his family to Clarksville, TN.  Enlisting in the Confederate Army, he fought throughout the Civil War.  When he returned to Clarksville the family had moved away.
Four years ago he saw in the papers that Charles H. Markham, President of the Pittsbury & Gulf Refining Company of Pittsburg, had been elected President of the Ilinois Central Railroad and wrote him a letter asking him if he were a relative.  President Markham immediately called him up by telephone and the fact that they were brothers was established.
Uncle John Markham, as he was affectionately known, spent his last years with every luxury at his command.


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