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Thank you to Marie T. Crowley for donating these transcriptions.
These were with the records that she had of her own family. 
Perhaps you, too, have some 'strays' that you might like to donate, 
on the chance that they may be of use to someone else.


10 Nov, 1869
Anne Finucaine of Knockahoran
Age: 50 Married Farmer's wife
Disease: Liver
Informant: James Finucaine of Knockahoren, present at death.

30 May, 1870
John Finucane of Knochhoran
Age: 52 Widower Farmer
Disease: Chronic Bronchitis 2 years
Informant: Lot O'Halloran of Kilnamona, present at death.

18 June, 1870
Catherine McMahon of Kanturk
Age: 3 years Farmer's child
Disease: Scarletina 3 days
Informant: Mary McMahon X (her mark) present at death.

22 June, 1870
Patt Connellan of Kilculm
Age: 46 Married Farmer
Disease: Cancer of stomach 6 mths. No med attendant
Informant: Michael Connellan of Kilculm

20 March, 1894
Charles Pilkington of Gortmore
Age: 65 Married Farmer
Disease: Jaundice 4 mths No med attendant.
Informant: Frank Pilkington of Gortmore, present at death.

5 April, 1894
Richard Grady of Garrynagry
Age: 77 Widower Farmer
Disease: Old age. No med attendant.
Informant: Richard Grady of Garrynagry X (his mark) present at death.

20 March, 1894
Andrew Markham of Kilcloher
Age: 86 Widower Farmer
Disease: Old age. No med attendant
Informant: John Markham of Kilcloher X (his mark) present at death.

20 Jan, 1894
Margaret Commane of Ballyknock
Age: 80 Widow Farmer's wife
Disease: Bronchitis several years. No med attendant
Informant: Patt Commane of Ballyknock, present at death.

25 Nov, 1922
Ellen Daffy of Strawburgh
Age: 77 Widow Farmer's widow
Death: Probably senile decay. No med attendant
Informant: Marcus Daffy (son) of Strawburgh.

12 Dec, 1922
Andrew Markham of Cragroe
Age: 66 Bachelor Farmer
Disease: Bronchitis & Cough 10 years No med attendant.
Informant: Mary Markham (sister) present at death. No med attendant.

31 Jan, 1923
Michael McCarthy of Lisroe
Age: 87 Widower Farmer
Disease: Probably senile decay. No med attendant.
Informant: Thomas McCarthy (son) of Lisroe.

31 Jan, 1923
James Barry of Knocknacaurin
Age: 88 Widower Farmer
Disease: Probably senile decay. No med attendant.
Informant: Martin Barry (son) of Knocknacaurin

15 Jan, 1935
Thomas Meehan of Clountaboniv
Age: 40 Bachelor Farmer
Disease: Brain. Fever 9 days. No med attendant.
Informant: Pat Meehan (brother) of Clountaboniv, present at death.

13 Jan, 1935
Michael Cullinan of Lickaun
Age: 37 Bachelor Labourer
Disease: Tuberculosis 2 years No med attendant.
Informant: John Cullinan (brother) of Lickaun, present at death.

18 Jan, 1935
Margaret Moloney of Reignagisha
Age: 94 Widow Farmer's widow
Disease: Probably senile decay. No med attendant.
Informant: Michael Moloney (son) of Reignagisha, present at death.

6 Feb, 1935
Thomas Considine of Cragnagour
Age: 68 Married Farmer
Disease: Influenza. Heart failure, 1 week. No med attendant.
Informant: John Considine of Cragnagour, present at death.

16 Nov, 1969
John Whelan St. Joseph's Hospital, Ennis
Age: 92 Bachelor Farmer
Disease: Respiratory failure. Cert
Informant: M. Brady Ennis hospital.

13 Oct, 1969
Sr. Mary Brendan Sheehan
Age: 93 Sister of Mercy
Disease: Cerebral hemorrhage 4 mths Hypertension Cert.
Informant: Rev Mother, Convent of Mercy.

31 Aug, 1969
Mons Michael Hamilton of Church Road, Nenagh.
Age: 71 Parish Priest
Disease: Cardiac 4 mths
Informant: Fr. Caimin O'Carroll of Roslevan, Ennis, present at death.

20 Nov, 1969
Patrick Meere of Clonroadbeg, Ennis
Age: 60 Married Labourer
Disease: Myocardial disease, congestive cardiac failure. 1 month. Cert
Informant: M. Brady Co. Hospital, Ennis.


Marriage: 24 June, 1930
Richard O'Grady Bachelor Farmer Knockadangon Richard O'Grady, father
Mary Markham Spinster Cragroe John Markham, father
Witnesses: Michael Donnellan & Eileen Markham
at Kilmaley Church by Fr. Richard Burke C.C.


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