Wednesday, 6 June 2012

OLD KILFARBOY SOCIETY WALK - Knockfierna, place of fairy legends

Next Old Kilfarboy Society Walk

On Sunday 10 June Liam Irwin will do a guided tour of the iconic and legendary Knockfierna (coming from Cnoc FĂ­rinne, "the Hill of Truth")

south west of Adare, Co Limerick.

Knockfierna is associated with fairy legends and is repeatedly mentioned in folklore and mythology.

For those who wish to car pool, please meet at 12.20 pm at the Church Car Park in Miltown Malbay for a 12.30 departure.

Alternatively, meet us in Ballingarry at the foothills of Knockfierna (12.5 km from Adare – first turn left in village on R519),

at the SPAR shop and filling station on the right, just beyond the school at 2 pm.

Ballingarry has an interesting late nineteenth century Catholic church [by JJ McCarthy]

and ruins of a tower house which we might also tour, time allowing.

A modest fee to cover insurance will apply. Strong footwear and rain gear (check the forecast!) recommended.

For further information, please contact Maura at 087-1264527.

Just one item on the fairy Legends... courtesy of

The Legend Of Knockfierna*

It is a very good thing not to be in any way in dread of the faeries, for without doubt they have then less power over a person,

but to make too free with them or to disbelieve in them altogether is as foolish a thing as any man, woman or child can do.

It has been truly said that good manners are no burden, and that civility costs nothing, but there are some people foolhardy

enough to disregard doing the civil thing which, whatever they may think, can never harm themselves or anyone else,

and who at the same time will go out of their way for a bit of mischief, which never can serve them,

but sooner or later they will come to know better, as you shall hear of Carroll O'Daly,

a strapping young fellow up out of Connaught,

whom they used to call in his own country "Devil Daly."

To read more, go to the link above...

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