Friday, 8 June 2012


One woman's determination has led to one of the biggest collection of Irish gravestones photos of all time...

Most of us who are familiar with Irish research know just how hard it can be to find confirmation of ancestral names, townlands, etc. What a great treasure it would be if we could find the gravestones of our ancestors... without it costing a fortune. Well, for many of us, now we can, and all through the one site and a great price... FREE!

Thanks to the many years of scrambling through graveyards, Dr. Jane Lyons has posted over half of her collection of gravestones photos, all 14,000 of them, give or take a hundred or so, on her very comprehensive site,

While searching through the huge array of photos, take time out to learn a little about Irish fairy stories, or Irish poetry... perhaps more on the general history of Ireland.. it's all available free for all, though it wouldn't hurt to take a few moments to click on some of the advertising each time you visit.

Jane has achieved something wonderful here... one woman's dedication and perseverance, and the gift is given to all of us... enjoy.


  1. I'm busy creating an updated list of websites which have Irish gravestone information on them to present to a lecture that I will be giving in University College Cork today at their Genealogy week and I came across this comment!

    Perhaps I have thanked you in the past, I see that there are no comments on this page and so I am saying thank you now.

    Your words are very much appreciated.


  2. Better late than never... I appreciate your comments.


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