Saturday, 16 June 2012


Thanks to Clara for bringing my attention to a very interesting blog... it is a combination of podcasts, short posts and various comments on historical events...
I would be interested to hear what you think of it.

" You may be interested in the following with podcasts of different Irish characters and events.  "


  1. Thanks Chris and thanks Clara. Have only looked at the first blog and that's enough for me to subscribe ... Wonderful photos!!! I'll be back to it, for a good read, as soon as a I get a minute to spare. Am in the process of passing it on. Cheers, Catherine.

  2. Oh, Catherine... if you find a spare minute, could you please check to see if here is a spare? There is such a smorgasbord of great blogs, podcasts, fantastic stories, etc., that it would be easy to 'snack' at them for the rest of our lives, disregarding all else...

    1. Hi Chris, It is a delight. Just did a Wordpress "Press This" from Fin's Blog, which I've never done before so hope it's OK, and re-produced/re-blogged the link on mine.(it takes the reader through to "Irish History Podcast") Also gave credit to you, "AS THEY WERE" and to Clara :-) Would you please be kind enough to check and see if the accreditation is OK. Also tweeted it. Cheerio for now.


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