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GENERAL IRELAND Genealogy Archives - Education
Alumni Dublineses - additional Surnames

DUBLIN - Deansgrange Cemetery
Deansgrange Cemetery, St. Brigids Section, pt3
-- Obituaries
CLARKE, David 1827
FENNELL, Catherine 1827 KILDARE - Obituaries
GLEESON, Patrick Coleman 1875
WOOD, Thomas Dawson 1827
MCCABE, Bridget 1827
RYAN , Patrick November 22, 1900

KERRY - Obituaries

KILKENNY - Obituaries
LONG, Judith 1827
TIGHE, Charlotte Frances 1827
WARING, John 1827

FERMANAGH - Headstones
Cleenish Parish Graveyard, Belanaleck - One headstone and church photo

LIMERICK - Obituaries
WHITE, Jasper 1827; Tipperary Free Press
BLACKWELL, John 1827; Tipperary Free Press
GUBBINS, Mrs James 1784; Clonmel Gazette
HANLY, Mrs. John 1827; Tipperary Free Press
LANGFORD, Jonas December 1763; Freeman's Journal

MONAGHAN - Headstones
Drum Church of Ireland Graveyard (partial) (updated)
Drum Presbyterian Church (partial) (updated)

SLIGO - Military & Constabulary
Royal Irish Constabulary with native county of Sligo 1846 (partial)

WESTMEATH - Cemetery
Finnea, Drumlummon Churchyard, (CoI)
Finea, Finea Cemetery, Westmeath
Lickblay Cemetery
Mullingar, Turin (R.C.) Cemetery,

WICKLOW Headstone Index
Kilquade, St. Patrick's Church, Part 1 Updated & Part 2 New


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