Monday, 31 October 2011

IRISH PRISON REGISTERS 1790-1924 + more from STATE LIBRARY QUEENSLAND this week launched their latest collection of records,
"Irish Prison Registers 1790-1924". The database includes details such
as name, address, place of birth, occupation, religion, education,
age, physical description, name and address of next of kin, crime
committed, sentence, dates of committal and release/decease. This is a
pay-per-view website.

Did you know that Australia was the first country in the world to
successfully get rain from seeding clouds?  Did you also know that
there was a proposal to use the Atomic bomb to make a large inland dam
in Queensland? Discover these interesting facts and more on 16
November at National Archives of Australia's lastest seminar "Just add
water". This seminar will be repeated on 19 November.

Are you a family tree climber, a traditional genealogist or a
generational historian? Elizabeth Shown Mills argues for a clearer
sense of identity and standards in genealogy. Read her article from

Listen to our latest Queensland podcast - "Beneath the veneer:
furnishing Queensland interiors in the late 19th century". Guest
speaker Tracey Avery focusses on the complex issues of politics,
climate, labour and economics that impacted on the furnishing choices
of Queenslanders.

FROM THE VAULT - we dust off some classic Nnub notices you may have

Do you have Huguenot ancestry? -  

Index to Immigrants, Brisbane 1885 – 1917 -

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