Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Gene Gatherings : Updated Paper on Preserving Your Family History Records Digitally

Updated Paper on Preserving Your Family History Records Digitally

Gene Eastman of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter has come through with
another really great article of tremendous value with those of us who have
thousands of hours and maybe dollars invested in our genealogical research.

The biggest news seems to be that there is a new disk, the M-DISC, better
than the DVD, that supposedly will not deteriorate, not for years, but for
centuries.  And only three bucks each.

The second big piece of news, for me, anyway, is that flash drives,
extremely cheap for many gigs of memory are notoriously unreliable and
should only be used for temporary storage like backups, when you might have
more than one set of backups and regularly update them.

You can find this 20,000 word document at the bottom of this message.

I have broken the article up into four sections that might be easier for
many to handle.

If you would like to get the four bite sized parts, email me and I will send
them to you as attachments.  Otherwise, you could do that yourself.

Ray Marshall
lMinneapolis, where Fall might be on the edge this coming week.

Updated Paper on Preserving Your Family History Records Digitally
Nearly a year ago, I published an article about Gray Wright's definitive
whitepaper on preserving your family history records digitally. Gary is an
employee of FamilySearch. In his paper, he explained the many issues
involved with digital archiving, including the pitfalls of digital storage
of priceless paperwork and of old family photographs that have been
digitized. As he explains, if done right, digital archives will last for
decades. If done wrong, they may not last three years.

Gary has now updated his white paper. Changes in the new version include:

 1.. Recommendations about using flash drives and cloud backup to preserve
family history records
 2.. Important and exciting news about a new industry partnership that has
the potential to create a new de facto standard for archiving storage media
 3.. Removal of the internet service offering for personal archiving since
its launch has been delayed
You can read this important analysis at

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