Wednesday, 5 October 2011

CLARE CHATTER : Where is Kilard ? - O'Gorman Mahon Papers

Courtesy of Declan Barron...

The University of Chicago has scanned their O'Gorman Mahon Papers collection and they can be viewed at'Gorman Mahon

In the first folder
There is a list of tenants and the area they held and the amount of rent due.
Two townlands are listed Kilard and Strasburgh.
The list of tenants for Strasburgh (also known as are very close to the list of tenants there in the Tithes for Drumcliff in 1825
(Strasburgh also known as Mahonburgh)
Is the list for Kilard a list of people missed by the Tithes ?

Where is Kilard ?
In the Books of Forfeitures and Distributions 1641 there are listed in the parish of Drumcliff the townlands of " Killard and Ballysoppagh "
Neither Killard or Ballysoppagh appear in Griffith's Valuation.
What townland did Kilard become part of ?

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