Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Some of Ireland's strangest old laws are to be repealed

We could have taken them.
We could have taken them.
Image: Denmark via Shutter

LAWS THAT PROHIBIT drunkenness, swearing and profaning on Sundays are among a group of antiquated laws that could be repealed.

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform is looking to revoke around 4,500 pre-independence government regulations. This is the largest repealing measure ever undertaken by the state.

A public consultation on the move was launched yesterday.

The laws listed for removal include:

  • Declarations of war against Denmark in 1666 and against France in 1744,
  • A proclamation of 1817 reserving oatmeal and potatoes for consumption by the "lower orders of people"
  • A proclamation of 1690 prohibiting officers and soldiers from engaging in duels
  • A proclamation of 1661 prohibiting drunkenness, cursing, swearing and profaning on the Lords' Day
  • A proclamation of 1668 offering a pardon and reward for taking dead or alive named rebels who fail to surrender by a designated  To read more...

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