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Cabbage Gardens...

just the name intrigued me, as I'd never heard of these... 
On seeking further information, I learnt that the Cabbage Garden 
is a former burial ground ( off Kevin St.) in Dublin, 
which had been consecrated by Archbishop Margetson in 1668. 

The Dublin City Library gives the address as Cathedral Lane, off Kevin St., Dublin 8.

 They provide a map of the area plus the following details.... that the area which is now a small park, complete with some headstones, 
is now cared for by the Dublin City Council Parks Department. 
It was in use as a cemetery as early as 1666  till going into disuse in 1878.  
To find more details, there are a number of places and references as below which could help.

  1. Records for the Church of Ireland Parish of St. Nicholas Without from 1694 -1875 are in the custody of the Representative Church Body Library.
  2. A database transcript of these records is at
  3. James Mills (ed.), The Register of St Nicholas Without, Dublin, 1694-1739 (Dublin, 1912)
  1. Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland iv: p240 - 246,401 - 404.
  2. Partial transcript of headstones (dated 1938) in Dublin City Library and Archive map collection (C4.D4.U)
  3. Verger of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Survey conducted c.1754 - available in Archbishop Marsh's Library.

"The graveyard served the parish of Saint Nicholas Without (i.e. outside the city walls). The Cabbage Garden is sometimes referred to as the Capuchin Garden and it is suggested that Cabbage is a corruption of Capuchin. However, there are no records extant that indicate that the Capuchins were connected with this plot. Another possible explanation is that during the Cromwellian occupation the occupying soldiers cultivated cabbages on the site. There is an interesting article in Dublin Historical Record, xiv: p80 - 84."


There is even a Facebook page   

The Journal
has the following article..

What's being done about historic gravestones at the 'Cabbage Gardens' being vandalised?


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