Wednesday, 17 September 2014


GREAT CHANGES TO NSW BDMS... with more to come....

eFamily History Update
17 September 2014
This update has been prepared to inform you of system improvements that have been made to eFamily History, effective today 17 September 2014. These updates align with the recommendations that were presented at the NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies on 12 September.
We have outlined the recommendations that have been implemented in relation to entering search details, and provided a brief update on progress made with the search results. Finally, we have outlined future improvements that you can expect from the Registry.
Enter search details

Search results
The search engine and the parameters that drive it have been reviewed and a number of known issues have been resolved. We have performed analysis of search results from our core system to validate that eFamily History search results are displayed with matching information.
If you do encounter an “Internal Error” message, you will notice that there are new fields available. Please enter some information about what you did prior to the error message and click Send Error Report so that we can analyse the cause of the error in more detail.
Please ensure you use the Search button rather than hit Enter on your keyboard. We have found that this can also result in error messages.
Update made 17/09/14
Change date of event range field default to Yes
Default set to 'Yes'
Marriage search -
Search can be undertaken on any
spouse name should
of the 6 name fields, plus a date
be non-mandatory
or date range.
Search on Registration Number only
"Search by number only" is a new field and defaults to No. You can select "Yes" and will only require the registration number.

For full details see the link below...

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