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TROVE  is on Flickr... all images on the Flickr site are searchable in Trove . You can also add your photos to the Flickr/Trove site, so that they are available to all... It's worth having a look at the site below and seeing just what you can do.

Trove: Australia in Pictures

There are a few surprises waiting for you in this section... not only photographs, but also "negatives, artworks, drawings, posters, postcards andf other pictures, as well as physical objects such as puzzles, isntruments and clothing."
PICTURE AUSTRALIA is now part of TROVE, great if you need historical photos... many are out of copyright, but please always check, and it never hurts to say where you obtained the image. 


This is also an interesting collection.. it contains "journal articles, reports, book chapters, reviews, working papers, conference items and data sets" and also "newspaper, magazine and scholarly journal titles."

Don't dismiss it off hand...you might be very surprised just how much social history is also included here.


e.g. I tried Brisbane... over 500,000 hits... including photos, books, so much news, maps, tourist guides and  Australia's internet and phone directory to name but a few... this led to 

At National Library  then I saw that the internet and phone directory for Brisbane 2001-2002 is available   ... in the Library... Use your National Library Card to view in the Reading Rooms.

Not all will require a trip to the NLA... or State Library. It varies from online reading to 'in your library' and so on.

There are two other links which you could find useful as well..

Google Scholar   and   Informit e-library


You would think that would be straightforward, it is, but also includes interviews with significant people, audio books and sheet music.


This now incorporates Music Australia. 

 By searching for Bryce Courtenay, I could see where his book, The Australian Trilogy, is kept, in which libraries... and if there wasn't one near me, I would know that I could still borrow it via Inter Library Loan... You can also check if you can access University Libraries, as well as local council libraries.

 You can listen to interviews with Dame Pattie Menzies for instance... maybe you'd rather read the salutation on the passing of Slim Dusty... so many others... AC/DC...  you can read maximum rock & roll at Open Library  by following this link... https://openlibrary.org/books/OL25552907M/AC_DC


Great for biographical information. Lots of images available also.

By searching for Judith Wright, poet, I was able to discover that she was nominated for a Nobel Prize in literature... she was very close to Nugget Coombs, and that she received the Queen's medal for poetry .. among a whole lot of other facts..

 You can discover what Nugget's real name was and see photos...

You can also check Wikipedia... for many biographies...

 Australian Dictionary of Biography  is also a great source... not only for those who are considered famous...


PANDORA, which is the NLA's web archive has been building a collection of Australian websites for the last 20 years. Many sites are no longer available on the web, but you can find them here.

You will find many categories of archived websites, including Family History and Genealogy... only 149 so far, but a lot more to come... 

This one looks familiar...   Irish Graves - they who sleep in foreign lands  as do many others...


 This is so comprehensive that i think I'll let you read all the details for yourself... here

Suffice to say that you can have Public and Private lists, some to share, some to just keep track of your own research... a great way to be able to quickly return to something you'd been looking at a while back, without repeating all your research.

You can of course, just use TAGS... all explained on thne same page.

 I hope this and the earlier post have been of use to many of you. Perhaps you could leave a comment to let others know what has been most useful to you.

Image copyright unknown, obtained from email.


  1. Great tips Chris. I use lists and tags extensively these days.

  2. Thanks. They certainly are handy. I wrote these posts as I have been asked about the benefits of Trove so many times. Hope they help those who don't realise it is more than newspapers.


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