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With thanks to Irish Culture and Customs...

Sister Mary Katherine entered the Convent of Silence. The Mother Superior said, "Sister, you are welcome here as long as you like, but you may not speak until I direct you to do so". Sister Mary Katherine lived in the convent for 5 years before the Mother Superior said to her, "Sister Mary Katherine, you have been here for 5 years. You may speak two words." Sister Mary Katherine said, "Hard bed."
"I'm sorry to hear that. We will get you a better bed. After another 5 years, Sister Mary Katherine was called by the Mother Superior. "You may say another two words, Sister Mary Katherine." "Cold food," said Sister Mary Katherine, and the Mother Superior assured her that the food would be better in the future. On her 15th anniversary in the community, the Mother Superior again called Sister Mary Katherine into her office. "You may say two words today." "I quit," said Sister Mary Katherine. "It's probably best", said the Mother Superior. "You've done nothing but gripe since you got here."
1. Until the 1920s, on St. Brigid's Day, at Teltown, Co.Meath, couples could legally marry by simply walking toward each other? If the union didn't work out, they could 'divorce' by walking away from each other at the same place exactly a year and a day later.
2. Supposedly, the tradition of a woman being able to ask a man to marry her on Leap year originated with St. Brigid (or St. Patrick). But there is no evidence to support this.
3. In the liturgical calendar, February 3rd is the feast of St. Blaise which in Ireland and many other countries is observed with the Blessing of the Throats. The blessing is supposed to protect against illness or other problems associated with the throat. It's based on St. Blaise saving the life of a small child who was choking.

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