Saturday, 4 February 2012


Courtesy Paddy Casey, Clare Roots Society

Clare genealogists will be interested to know that Clare County Library
website has just launched a new online maps viewer called GMaps. The Clare
GMaps are based on the Google Map system, allowing Google Maps to be
overlaid with historical maps of Clare from 1842. This new system, developed
by Rainer Kosbi, uses many of the same controls as Google Maps, and it has
been linked to the thousands of pages on the Library website dealing with
the archaeology, history and administrative divisions of County Clare. The
system of overlays is very easy to navigate and allows one to orientate
oneself on the old maps using the modern-day road maps. Dropdown menus allow
instant navigation to towns, townlands etc.

The map system is an excellent tool for people searching for their roots in
Clare. Go to to view
the maps.

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