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Clare Roots Society April 21st Lecture

Old Ground Hotel 8pm

Cormac Ó Comhraí is a native of Co. Galway where he teaches history at second level. He has written several books on the Revolutionary Period 1913-23 and the First World War. 

Born into a Fenian family in Cranny, West Clare, Peadar Clancy was one of the most significant revolutionaries to emerge from Clare during the twentieth century. He became involved at a young age with both Sinn Féin and the Gaelic League. A draper by trade he moved to Dublin in search of work. There he joined “C” Company, First Battalion of the Irish Volunteers. 

He fought in the Easter Rising, distinguished himself because of his bravery and was promoted in the field. Clancy was one of those sentenced to death after the Rising. He was spared, however, and was imprisoned in Britain. From then on, he became an increasingly significant figure within republicanism. 

He was highly respected by the leadership and popular among the rank and file members of the IRA. He was also one of the militants who were determined to force a revolution and counted Dick McKee, Michael Collins and Dan Breen among his close friends.

 By 1920 he was Vice-Brigadier of the Dublin Brigade of the IRA. By the autumn of 1920 he was IRA Director of Munitions and a key planner of the attack on British intelligence agents on Bloody Sunday. Clancy was arrested hours before the Bloody Sunday attacks were to take place. Controversially he was killed in British Custody the following day. Official reports alleged that he attempted to escape, but republicans challenged this, alleging torture and murder.

N.B. There will be a new book launched a few days after this lecture..

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"Clancy was one of seven sons and six daughters born to James and Mary Clancy (née Keane), of Carrowreagh East, Cranny, County Clare in 1888."

The Grave of Clancy and McKee in the Republican Plot, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

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