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Easter Rising
explore Ireland under martial law
Discover how your ancestors were affected by the Easter Rising and Irish War of Independence in the biggest collection of British War Office records relating to the events of 1916-1921 ever released. These 75,000 fascinating records are are free to view on Findmypast until 27 April, and vividly expose the brutality of life on the streets under martial law in Ireland.
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How to search the Easter Rising records
Easter rising how to search the records
The best search techniques are key to making the most of this incredible collection, so be sure to take note of these top tips to maximise your results.
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5 fascinating things you can learn in the Easter Rising records
From in-depth riot reports to eye-witness accounts, interviews with civilians, reports of the trials of the Rising's leaders, and their sentences of execution, there is an astonishing breadth of historical detail to discover.
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The Easter Rising, as reported in the British newspapers
News of the Rising started to filter through to the British newspapers on Tuesday April 25th 1916. By the weekend, vivid stories were unfolding. See history as it happened in these amazing contemporary accounts.
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10 million free Irish Catholic Parish records
Findmypast has so many Irish collections, and this incredible set is the perfect place to start. Spanning over 200 years of Ireland's history from 1671-1900, The Irish Catholic Parish Registers contain over 40 million names from over 1,000 parishes. Discover your Irish heritage »

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