Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Set aside September 9th....

Just eight days to go to the second workshop on graveyard transcription and recording and it promises to be a great day.

Here are a few reasons you may like to join us .....

1.  Your community may have already transcribed your graveyard but new techniques may allow you to read older headstones.
2. You may be thinking about putting up signage to make the local graveyard a place for visitors to the area, this will be discussed on the day. 
3. Or perhaps you are just beginning to realise how important your local graveyard is as a place of family history and heritage. 

In fact over 70% of Clare graveyards have been transcribed and are available online or in certain publications.
It would be great to complete the county graveyards and preserve our family history. Diaspora worldwide can benefit from what we do here in Clare.

Book your place now by email at secretary@clareroots.org.
It is FREE...

Clare Roots Secretary 
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