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One of the most common questions I get asked is... "Are there any transcriptions or photos for xyz available online?"

Many simply can't get to the places they would like to, so are restricted to online searching...

Here I hope to give you a list of sites referring to graveyards/cemeteries that have either photos, transcriptions or both... These are but a few.. I will add to them as time permits...

I will also include publications that contain these and will endeavour to update regularly. All contributions gratefully received, please make sure any links are working before sharing.

Feel free to share, however a link back to this blog would be appreciated.

You may add them to the Comments section below or contact me through the address available in About Me.

Thank you....


Bookshop  Clare Roots Society


Grave Secrets At Your Fingertips

Canadian Gravemarker Gallery

Find A Grave

County Fermanagh Northern Ireland GenWeb

History From Headstones

Billion Graves

This group have been kindly contributed by Dara ..Thank you, Dara.

You might like to visit her very interesting blog..

The Curragh Military Cemetery, Co. Kildare:
Memorial inscriptions:

Sean Murphy, Memorial Inscriptions from the Moravian Cemetery, Whitechurch, Co. Dublin (Co. Wicklow, 2012),
Sean Murphy, Memorial Inscriptions from St Catherine’s Church and Graveyard Dublin (Dublin, 1987),
Sean Murphy, Bully’s Acre and Royal Hospital Kilmainham graveyards: history and inscriptions (Dublin, 1989),
St James’s Graveyard Project, Memorial Inscriptions from St James’s Graveyard Dublin (Dublin, 1988),

​and although not actually memorial inscriptions, this is very useful for finding them
​Dublin City Libraries and Archive - Dublin Graveyards Directory:

Glasnevin Cemetery catered for the majority of burials in Dublin from the ​1830s, although you have to pay a relatively small fee to access the records;
Glasnevin Trust (€), Burial registers,


  1. Great idea, Looking forward to checking out some of these that are new to me and I'll dig out the ones I've used most (Dublin bias) and send them to you.

    1. Thank you, Dara... That would be great... I have more to add, but wanted this up and running...


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