Saturday, 14 March 2015



One of the very many interesting sessions at the recent RootsTech 2015 Conference was presented by Dennis Brimhall, the CEO of FamilySearch International, exploring the remarkable things that are happening in the world of family history.

If, like me, you were unable to attend, you can still catch up with the context here...

Why Family History is Exploding | Meridian Magazine

This is just a small excerpt...

"Brimhall said, “People who don’t do family history say one of these things: I don’t have time. It’s too hard. I don’t know where to start. Or it’s all been done.” The question becomes how to help them overcome those objections and dive into something that is really fun, as intriguing as a mystery with ah-ha’s along the way.(It’s notable that Sherlock Holmes himself showed up at the conference.)
FamilySearch has worked to answer those objections. Before Brimhall directed FamilySearch he worked in the healthcare industry and saw that all the efforts there were made from the doctor out. The doctor’s needs were met long before the patients needs in large healthcare systems. He determined that instead FamilySearch had to be from the user in—that the most important thing to create was a friendly, accessible user experience."

 Read about the apps that are available to help in your search, find a grave site, write your own story... enjoy.

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