Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Happy St Patrick's Day from all at Clare Roots Society. 
Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!


Also read below for exciting new project that will help people all over the world via Clare library website. Interested Volunteers please get in touch with the two addresses below. 

New Clare Roots Project
'Biographical Index of Clare Champion 1903-1935'

The project is a collaborative between Clare Roots Society and Clare County Library. Clare Roots Society is looking for volunteers to assist in the collection and recording of Biographical Notices published in the Clare Champion Newspaper for years 1903-1934. This information will create a searchable index to be made available on the Clare Library website for Public access when completed.
A similar project was undertaken some years ago for Clare Champion issues published for years 1935-1985 and the index is presently available on-line. The new project will complete the index for ALL Clare Champion publication years, 1903-1985. 
The editions of the newspaper can be on Microfilm spool, Microfiche and Hardcopy, located in the Local Studies Centre where the review and recording will take place. Volunteers may have events in their family history of special interest related to specific calendar years and where possible these calendar years will be assigned to them on a 'first request' basis. Transcriptions can be carried out at a time suitable for the volunteer.
Volunteers will review the newspapers for the following categories of Biographical information:

·         Birth
·         Marriage
·         Death
·         Engagement
·         Ordination
·         Obituary

Information to be collected:
·         Surname          Forename        Address           Type of Notice
The information collected will be entered into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet provided by the Project Co-ordinator. However, lack of computer skills should not preclude anyone from volunteering for this project. Collecting the information and submitting hand written lists will be of considerable benefit to the Project Team. A briefing session will be provided for those who are new to handling hardcopy archives to ensure protection of the paper copies. 
Interested researchers can volunteer by contacting the Project Co-ordinator:
Larry Parks (CRS)                                            or                                 Eric Shaw (CRS)
087 2464386 / 065 6828397                                                               087-9791955
e-mail:   cloudnet@iol.ie                                                                     cartock@gmail.com


This will only apply to those who can access the facilities at Clare Local Studies Centre at this stage. We may need those from the Diaspora at a later date. So, if you live in the area and are willing to help transcribe as per the article, could you please contact either of the two gentlemen listed at the bottom of the post above. Thank you.

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