Saturday, 16 August 2014


"If you ever go across the sea to Ireland,
Then maybe at the closing of your day................."

 Many of you will recognise the lyrics as the first lines to Galway Bay..
 some of you will have grown up with the longing to head to Ireland,  the land of our ancestors.

  While the song is about Galway Bay, it typifies the need to 'go home'... a friend of mine has just done so, 
not for the first time, but for a very specific reason... to be at the launch of a book she was involved in the 
compilation of, as much of it was about her Pilkington family. 

Her name is Katrina Vincent and the book is WATERPARK HOUSE... I have written about the book, 
it's authors and content several times, including the book launch...

 Katrina gave a presentation at that time, details above, but she didn't only attend that. Her travels around Ireland make interesting reading and you can read all about her travels on her newly released blog..


 Katrina is only part of the way through writing about her travels and is adding to it regularly. She gives lots of details about the people, the places she visited and includes many photos.  I hope that you not only enjoy her writing, but encourage her to keep doing so. this blog will continue as a means of recording her family history.


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